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Common Traits Have SwimMAC Carolina Sticking with Jackrabbit Technologies

I asked two questions of Martha Hocutt, North Swim School Director of SwimMAC Carolina, and uncovered some marvelous revelations that I’d like to share with you.

Question #1: What are your favorite things about Jackrabbit?

There were three things that Martha specified:

Learning in the Facebook User Group

Martha loves the Jackrabbit Facebook Software User Group. She has noticed her growth as a user since joining it and attributes some of that knowledge to her participation in the Group.

“I’ve really progressed in the User Group. When I first joined I was in a ‘learner’s’ position. Sometimes I would just say ‘Oh my!’ I didn’t even know I could do that! But over the next few weeks, I felt that I had really progressed into a different level of user because I began to be understand the questions the other users were asking and how to answer them!”

The diversity of the User Group is a very positive factor for Martha. Users from all Jackrabbit sectors – not just swim schools – join and help each other. Martha has opportunity to learn from everyone.

“I get lots of good ideas from different facilities, like gyms and dance studios. Jackrabbit is so flexible that I can take unique things others do and apply them to the needs of my swim school regardless of the distinct differences our facilities may have.”

Using Jackrabbit to Email Families

Templates in Jackrabbit emailing give users the ability to choose and use an existing template, customer it to fit your topic, and save it for re-use.

“Emailing Families is an amazing time saver! The templates give me the ability to be very professional and efficient and keep messages personal. Because this can be done from Aged Accounts, I can contact all delinquent families in a few seconds.”

Saving Time with Pro-rating

Martha was excited to have watched pro-rating grow up before her eyes. She has a great understanding of how the feature works and can see the benefits it is going to bring to users. Martha will be ready to put the feature to work without missing a beat as soon as the release is ready.

“I got a lot out of being a beta organization for this feature. It really forced me to push every function and option. I became an important part of the development process because I uncovered a significant change that needed to be made. This is going to be fantastic – a powerful feature addition for lots of users. It will save me significant time as all sorts of discounts must be applied every time fees are collected.”

Question #2: What makes you stick with Jackrabbit?

“Jackrabbit Support is nothing short of amazing.”

Customers are Never a Number

The best way to share Martha’s description of Jackrabbit Support is in bullet points:

  • Often responds in seconds but always within a few minutes.
  • Any member of the Jackrabbit Support team who answers her request knows her, her issues, her experience level with the software, and her history.
  • Support team member is able to immediately address the issue armed with all the facts.
  • Answers are very transparent – never over-promising or under-providing.
  • When an issue requires research or involvement of others – they say so.
  • Progress on the issue is reported regularly.
  • Work through the fix with users.

“Jackrabbit Support goes beyond help in handling issues and questions. They don’t just go in and fix an issue for you. They work through it with you so that you learn from the experience.”

Martha emphasized the importance of this. Her Support experiences give her the ability to deal with the issue or a similar one if it comes up again. And that saves time.

“I become a better user. I become more knowledgeable and can do more with the software on my own. It’s fantastic.”

See what Martha says about Jackrabbit’s Support.

There was more from Martha. It’s who Jackrabbit is as a company that she believes builds loyalty with customers. And who Jackrabbit is to her is a personable, responsive and genuine company.

“’Who Jackrabbit is’ is the glue that inspires me to stick with Jackrabbit. Being personable, responsive, and genuine is part of Jackrabbit DNA and that is exactly who SwimMAC Carolina is. Working from common values is important to us and means that we are partners in providing the best possible experience for our families.”

See why Martha says SwimMAC Carolina sticks with Jackrabbit.


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