Capitalize on the Olympic year

How To Capitalize On The Olympic Year

The Olympic games are right around the corner! As excitement continues to build around the world, we’ve put together a list of 16 ways your youth activity center can capitalize on the Olympics- one for each day of the world-wide event. 

16 ways to capitalize on the Olympic year 

At Jackrabbit, we’ve historically seen a bump in enrollment for swim schools and gymnastics gyms during Olympic years. With the whole world waiting an additional year to witness the greatness of the 2020 Summer Olympics, you may see increased interest from prospective students after the closing ceremonies in August. To help set you apart from the competition, here’s a list of 16 fun ways to grow enrollment following this year’s Olympic games.

Day 1: Opening Ceremonies 

Decorate your gym or swim school with your nation’s flag, and others from around the world, and share the sights on your program’s social media accounts. You could take it one step further and video students entering class as if they were walking into the arena during the actual opening ceremonies! 

Day 2: Create an Olympic-theme playlist 

Make an Olympic playlist full of songs inspired by your nation to play at your gym or swim school. Pro tip: create your own playlist on Spotify to share with families in the Parent Portal so they can listen even when they aren’t at your facility! 

Day 3: Red, White and Blue day

We’re all familiar with themed spirit weeks, right? Whether you dedicate a day or a full week, encourage students and staff to deck out in red, white and blue in support of the athletes competing in the 2021 Olympics.

Take spirit day to another level by turning it into a competition. Post pictures of students and staff on social media then ask your followers to vote on their favorite. The winner could get a piece of swag from your company store or pro shop! 

Day 4: Support athletes in your community 

Just like Kevin Bacon, there’s a chance your program is six degrees removed from an athlete competing in this year’s games. Make good luck signs to hang in your facility then share them on social media and tag the home gym or swim school of the athlete!

Day 5: There’s no I in TEAM

Depending on when your swim school or gymnastics gym creates lesson plans, consider modifying classes this week to incorporate an Olympic team theme. What does that mean exactly? The gist of this day is to let students work together to teach themselves how to learn a new skill, with proper supervision of course! 

Day 6: Share an inspirational quote

Words are powerful. Share the inspirational words of famous athletes on your social media accounts or in your facility to motivate new and existing students. 

Day 7: Team Superlatives

Even though giving out extra medals may not be in the budget, team superlatives are a fun way to make everyone feel recognized. You can award serious ones like ‘Most Improved’ for a certain skill or fun ones like ‘Best DJ’ for the one who always comes in clutch with the best playlist. All you have to do is design a certificate, print, and voila!

Day 8: Host a watch party 

Poll students to see which day of the Olympics they want to watch most then plan a watch party at your facility. Encourage existing students to bring a friend as well to market your facility and classes for the upcoming session! 

(–> discover how to create events, set parameters and offer online registration with Jackrabbit Class)

Day 9: Who wore what? 

Other than national colors, what’s trending in athletic fashion during the Olympics? Spot that trend and stock your pro shop with apparel that will be in demand following the closing ceremonies. 

Day 10: Olympic Open House

Summer break is coming to an end and parents are on the hunt for activities for their children this fall. Consider hosting an open house during the second week of the Olympic games and decorate your facility accordingly. 

Need some inspiration? Pinterest is crawling with ideas for your swim school or gymnastics gym! 

Day 11: Olympic Trivia 

Put your followers to the test by creating fun Olympic trivia questions in your Facebook or Instagram stores. In addition to creating engagement on your social media channels, you’ll surely be entertained by some of the responses you’ll receive! 

Here are some sample questions: 

Which Olympian has the most medals? 

Who is the most decorated Olympic gymnast? 

How many events does men’s gymnastics have? 

When were women’s swim races added to the Olympics?

Day 12: Share some summer game creativity 

Use Resources from within your class management software to share Olympic related color sheets for students to print off and color at home. 

(–> Discover how to upload files to Resources in Jackrabbit Class) 

Day 13: Gold in Community Service

While the Olympics are all about athletes striving to win gold in their respective sport, everybody wins when you come together for your community. During this day of the 2021 Olympic games, ask your students to submit creative ideas for new community service projects for your program to execute later in the year. 

Ask parents, staff, students and even social media followers to vote on their favorite. Then have an awards ceremony where the student receives a gold medal for their submitted community service and share it on social media.  

Day 14: Add classes 

Are you prepared to add more beginner classes to your schedule when new students come knocking on your door following the Olympics? Get ahead of the game by knowing how to quickly add classes to your schedule now. 

(–> Discover how to add classes to your schedule for new students with Jackrabbit Class)

Day 15: Closing ceremonies 

All good things must come to an end. Celebrate the closing ceremonies by recording students and staff sharing their favorite memories from the 2021 games in Facebook or Instagram stories.  

Day 16: Mini Olympics 

Right after the closing ceremonies on August 8, invite students at your program to compete in a mini Olympics event at your facility. Your very own mini Olympics can look however you want it to. 

How do you plan on celebrating the 2021 Olympics at your swim school or gymnastics gym? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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