How to budget for payroll expenses in 2022

Let’s talk about staffing trends and how to budget for payroll expenses in 2022. 

This year, youth activity centers saw a huge shift in the demand for classes but struggled to find instructors to teach them.  

We recently sat down with Sean Dever from Express Payroll to discuss the staffing landscape across the swim, dance and gymnastics industries, where he sees it going in the New Year, and how your business can plan to increase revenue even as payroll expenses increase. As always, his insight didn’t disappoint!

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Hiring and staff payroll considerations for 2022

During our time together, Sean shared industry benchmarks on staffing and payroll to help youth activity centers better understand how their businesses stack up against others in the industry. 

Current gymnastics gyms, swim schools and dance studios he works with at Express Payroll are at a staffing level of 76 percent and are increasing wages at 8.8 percent. So how are they remaining profitable? 

Here are six considerations Sean Dever recommends for youth activity center owners in a similar situation: 

  1. Increase tuition prices.
  2. Require staff to arrive 10 minutes early to class instead of 15 and only stay 5 minutes after class concludes instead of 10 minutes after. 
  3. Decrease class times from one hour to 50 minutes then add an additional class at the end of the day with the time saved. 
  4. Remove unprofitable days and class time offerings from your schedule. 
  5. Adjust class ratios by making classes larger. 
  6. Consider surge pricing for peak class times. 

For more staffing and payroll benchmarks and how to best optimize your budget for 2022, watch the full webinar today! 

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