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Birthday Party Registration Tips from Hand2Hand Gymnastics

Diane Matson-Trifiro is the owner/manager of Hand2 Hand Gymnastics. She’s gotten creative with birthday party registrations and shares her “process” for making this super-easy for parents (and her staff) here:

Diane uses Jackrabbit to simplify registration for once-a-month events and birthday parties.

Here’s how you can replicate her process:

  1. Set up an event called “Child’s Name” Birthday Party
  2. Add the date and expected # of guests
  3. Use the Parent’s Email Address in the notification email field so the parents get the RSVP for the party
  4. Add a page called “Find Your Party” on your website under your Parties tab
  5. Add the registration link to the party on that page so parents register online

Here’s how the page looks on the Hand2hand website.

Because the parents register through the website, they also sign the online waiver that is at the bottom of the registration information.

When your parent registers they will be asked if they would like to receive emails from your organization. If they say “Yes” they remain on the active list. If they answer “No” move them to the lead file. This only takes a few minutes and helps you to create a good marketing list from your party registrations.

Learn more about Hand2Hand Gymnastics.


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