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Three Big Benefits

Jackrabbit is speedy, reliable and smart.

There are many of Jackrabbit’s features that support our defining traits and you should make sure that you are leveraging your Jackrabbit system to take full advantage of them.

How can you do that? Jackrabbit offers Utilization Reviews to customers so that they can understand which areas of the system they should be maximizing to bring the greatest possible value to their businesses.

Our Reviews can be scheduled by sending a message via the Support button in your Jackrabbit system.



Make sure that you are gaining every advantage that speed in a management solutions can offer you.

Everything about Jackrabbit online class management optimizes efficiency and function for maximum speed. Jackrabbit helps you eliminate paperwork, speed up class registration, save time, get paid faster and serve your customers more effectively. Jackrabbit’s smart, intuitive design is easy to learn and use so your ramp up time to effectively using your Jackrabbit system is fast.

Jackrabbit’s online components are the most obvious supporters of our speedy nature. Because they automate data-intensive areas of your business and allow information to be self-serve for families, you and your staff are freed-up to do more!

Online Registration: Jackrabbit enables you to offer classes directly from your website. Because data, entered by your customers, goes directly into your database, your registration process becomes data entry-free.  There are no lines for parents, no work for your staff and your classes fill up right before your eyes.

Class Listings: Jackrabbit’s systems helps you get to your class information quickly and keep all of the details of your classes organized so that you can clearly and quickly place them on your website.

Time Clock: Jackrabbit helps you manage employee hours and prepare for payroll processing.

Parent Portal: Jackrabbit provides a secure place where customer information is self-serve. Your customers can manage their own information, register and pay their balances and find answers to their own questions.

Features and functions that take mundane tasks off of your staff’s to-do list also feed the speed at which your office can move.

Bulk email: Jackrabbit’s system offers easy and quick email options to all or any of the groups within your database.

E-commerce: Jackrabbit’s e-commerce enables you automate your billing process in a couple a couple of ways: through effortless auto-pay and one-click invoice distribution. Your staff will love the simplicity and customers will thank you for making the payment process convenient.

Attendance management: Jackrabbit helps you make attendance taking and tracking simple, paperless and painless. Taking attendance can even be done via bar code scanning. All of your information is immediately available so you can know important absence details as they take place.

Event management: Jackrabbit gives you tools specifically geared to help you handle special events – such as birthday parties –with fewer hassles.


You want to know that your information and your families’ information is secure and accessible. That is why we offer the industry’s most advanced technology to safeguard data, ensure privacy and guarantee maximum 99.99% uptime. We also ensure protection against failure through industry standard best maintenance practices that done automatically.

Hosted solution: Jackrabbit takes care of all of the technical details of hosting the application and the data for you so you need no costly IT staff or services and you don’t need to buy any software. Your system and data is always secure and available.

Guaranteed uptime: With redundancy, 24/7 monitoring, and fault tolerant engineering, Jackrabbit’s network infrastructure is designed to handle your mission-critical business application needs every day of every year. Planned maintenance and upgrades are undertaken on weekends – never during the high user activity – and with advanced notice.

Safe: Jackrabbit ensures that the daily operations of our system are sufficiently resourced and managed with your best interests – and the protection of your data assets – in mind. Our servers are, in fact, hosted in the same datacenter that large banks trust with their data.

Highly secure: Jackrabbit’s hosting center includes fully redundant, state-of-the-art denial-of-service firewalls and our system is running on SSL acceleration hardware to give the same performance whether you connect under regular or SSL encryption mode. Jackrabbit contains numerous system administrator controls to restrict access to data and functionality and requires user authentication under 1024-bit encryption for access to fully secured, protected servers.

Backed-up: Jackrabbit’s strict nightly backup regimen make sure your data is always protected and that – even in the unlikely event of a catastrophic failure – you have no reason to worry about your data.


Our solution is smart because it is driven by your input. It is intuitive to your business needs and to the demands of your students and families.  We ensure that Jackrabbit stays smart by continuously gathering your input and ideas from you that align with the changing needs and challenges that you have in running your business.  We offer a Send Idea button on every screen of the system so you can provide your ideas and requests with just a quick click. We transform your input into next-level features so that we are changing with you and your business. Jackrabbit makes you a smarter manager and business owner because it gives you easy access to the information that you need to efficiently and effectively run and grow your business easily accessible.

Executive Dashboard: Jackrabbit provides key performance indicators for your business in a convenient at-a-glance format that you can access regardless of where or when you need the information.

Reporting: Jackrabbit offers a broad array of reporting options that can be customizable to deliver the exact combination of data points that you need for decision-making.

Attendance, absence and make-up tracking: Jackrabbit presents details of attendance, absences and make-ups in easy-to- understand formats.

Unlimited Lead File: Jackrabbit’s unlimited lead file gives you the ability to segment out your inactive students and to collect prospective students into a database that can be used specifically for marketing at no additional cost to you. This actually lowers your costs since it removes your inactives from your student count.

If you have time-consuming processes or arduous data entry-intensive tasks, chances are that Jackrabbit has ways to make it easier for you to accomplish them. Our support team members are experts at applying Jackrabbit’s capabilities to your business so that your time and your staff’s time is optimized to benefit your business and your students.

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