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Not In But On the Business

Transforming My “In the Business” Self into an “On the Business” Crusader One of my goals in my role at Jackrabbit Technologies is to devote more time to working “on the business” to ensure that it gets better, rather than working on projects directly related to daily operations “in the business.” I’m being extremely transparent […]

Do Your Customers Trust You?

“Do you trust us?” It is a question that you would rarely ask of customers. You may even assume that you know their response. “Sure I do.”  Why else would they do business with you? How can you uncover this information? After all, it is important. This level of customer trust can make a difference […]

Why You Should Have a Mission Statement

A mission statement defined is this: a formal summary of the aims and values of a company, organization, or individual. Unfortunately, most mission statements for businesses like yours are just meaningless hype. They could be describing any business in your industry. Those whose mission statements are like this really don’t understand what a mission statement’s […]

Jackrabbit’s 5 Resolutions

Jackrabbit helps dance, gymnastics, swim, music, arts, learning, martial arts, cheer, and children’s care organizations with more than 11,000 locations get back to doing what they are passionate about. By helping them to leverage technology – something Jackrabbit is very passionate about – Jackrabbit’s clients get out from behind their desks and teach, lead and […]