American Twisters Search for Robust and Reliable Ends with Jackrabbit

American Twisters Gymnastics

2 locations, 1500 students, 56 instructors

Owner, Randy Sikora


American Twisters Gymnastics was having speed and functionality issues with their previous class management software that were consistent and significant enough to impact the level of services that Randy felt his staff could provide. This was his signal to seek out a more robust and reliable system.



Randy had one concern as he moved his facilities’ system to a new platform: Customer support. He found no central support phone number on Jackrabbit’s website and didn’t think customer support would be as accessible as his team would require without phone in capability.

Randy was delighted with Twisters’ rapid and smooth migration to Jackrabbit. He found Jackrabbit’s customer support to be world class. The system is built to be easy to implement and set up is intuitive and straight forward. Customer support worked alongside the Twisters team through the entire process. On-going customer support is responsive and effective in making sure that Jackrabbit continues working perfectly for them.

Jackrabbit’s usability impressed the Twisters team from the beginning. They found functionality robust and information easy to navigate when answering customer questions.


Jackrabbit gives American Twisters Gymnastics a robust infrastructure to support improvements in its efficiencies, accuracies and enhancements to its customer service. A team of expert support professionals are accessible to customers quickly and effectively.

“Jackrabbit proved the value of its email-based support. They have it down to a science. Identifying the root of the problem allows them to effectively answer questions or diagnose and resolve most any issues we report.”  — Randy Sikora, American Twisters Gymnastics

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