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8 Illegal Questions Not to Ask in an Interview

Hiring is one of the greatest challenges for business owners. Knowing that there are certain questions which are illegal to ask can help you to avoid any legal issues.

Make certain NOT to ask about any of the following:
1.  Age
2. Race
3. Creed (religion or other beliefs)
4. Sexual Orientation
5. Ethnic origin
6. Marital status
7. Sex
8. Number of children

*You also should not ask about height & weight, occupation of their spouse, credit rating or financial status, or military release. Be sure to check first with your particular state’s laws to ensure that you do not ask any questions which could be considered illegal.

When concluding the interview, you could ask, “Is there anything else you’d like to tell me about yourself? We will be doing a background check.” If you know you’re not going to hire them, let them know then in a kind way. One easy way to do this is to say something along these lines: “I’ve been interviewing for a week now. If you don’t hear from me tomorrow, assume I’ve filled the position. Thank you so much for your time.” I hate having to make those dreaded phone calls telling an applicant that they are NOT being hired.

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