Friday 5. Things to consider during the Holidays

Jackrabbit’s Friday Five: 5 Things to Consider During the Holidays

Hello world, we are back for another Jackrabbit Friday Five! It’s hard to believe that we are heading into the last couple of months of 2021.

With the end of the year comes holidays and you may want to consider how the holiday time may affect some decisions related to your youth activity center and how you need to communicate that to your families and staff? As busy as you are ending the year on a strong note and getting prepared for a much-needed break of your own, it’s hard to think of everything ahead of time. That’s why we’ve put together 5 things you should consider this time of year!


Follow along with our Holiday Checklist to make planning and managing the holiday season a joy at your youth activity center!

5 things to consider during the holidays for your youth activity center

1. Will your facility be closed during the holidays?

The most important thing families need to know about the holiday season at your youth activity center is if and when you are going to be closed.

If you are closing for any amount of time, it’s also a great idea to inform parents if there will be an opportunity to make up those classes that aren’t held or if there will be prorated tuition for the days you are closed. The more information you can give them upfront, the fewer follow-up questions you will have to answer after.

(—>Learn how Jackrabbit Class can help you set up closed dates and post tuition fees according to the rules you set for prorating)

2. Would you like to collect monetary donations?

‘Tis the season of giving so why not give back to the community? The holiday season is a great time to collect charitable donations for an organization close to your heart or a local organization in need of some extra love and generosity.

You can run a giving challenge for #GivingTuesday or just set up an opportunity for families to donate any time. The possibilities are endless but Jackrabbit can make it easy for everyone involved with the ability to accept charitable donations through the Parent Portal.

3. Do you have opportunities to generate additional income?

We know you deserve a much-needed break but depending on how long your swim school, gym, or dance studio is closed, you may have the opportunity to generate additional income before the end of the year and be able to offer your staff additional hours they may need during the holiday season.

And here’s where you can use your creativity!

  • Are you closed for an extended amount of time at the end of the year? Host a week-long holiday-themed camp for those families that aren’t traveling.
  • Have an evening or two open? Offer a parents’ night out so parents can have a date night or get some holiday shopping done.
  • Have a couple of rooms open throughout the break? Secure a few staff members who can host fun-themed birthday parties.

Jackrabbit makes it easy to manage these special occasions with an events calendar and easy registration! (—>Learn more about Jackrabbit’s Events module)

4. Will you be hosting holiday performances or showcases?

Whether you are organizing and managing the Nutcracker or inviting parents to watch a special holiday showcase in class, this is an exciting time to show families what your students have been working on so far. It’s also a great opportunity for your students to shine and be proud of their progress.

Performances and recitals definitely take more intense planning and effort to implement but Jackrabbit can make that as easy as possible with the Recital feature. From organizing the lineup to prepping the check-in and out sheet for the day of the performance and all the things in between, you’ve got everything you need in one place.

5. Are you going to offer gift cards or certificates for purchase?

Lots of times, out-of-town family members like to contribute to a little one’s experience at your youth activity center. Offering gift cards or certificates around the holidays is a great way for grandparents to give the gift of a pro-shop item or two to their young dancer, gymnast or swimmer.

Having a way to sell and redeem gift cards through Jackrabbit Class makes this question a no-brainer!

As you think through these considerations heading into the holiday season, we’ve also compiled additional information that includes how to stay in touch with families and staff during this time of year.

Take me to Jackrabbit’s Holiday Resource Center

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