Jackrabbit is always improving and adding new features and enhancements. Review the latest
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New Revenue Reconciliation Reports
106/03/20Time Clock Menu UpdatedYour process payroll workflow just got a little easier. The 1st step for processing payroll, Incomplete Time Entries, has been moved and is now located at the top of the menu. Staff Portal > Time Clock > Incomplete Time Entries.

See the updated Time Clock menu
205/21/20User login status more intuitive

A new button was added for you to set a User to a revoked status. This button is for staff members who no longer need access to Jackrabbit. Go to Tools> Manage Users and Permissions. Click on the User ID to see the User Details and the Revoke User ID button. 

Refer to the Jackrabbit Help Center article, User ID Login Status, for more information.
Refer to the Jackrabbit Care Help Center article, User ID Login Status, for more information.

305/21/20Allow parents to schedule absences & makeups in Parent Portal

Save those admin hours with the option to allow parents to submit absences and schedule makeups right from the Parent Portal. Go to Tools> Edit Email Templates, select 136 or 137 to send informative emails to your families so that they know how to do this\!

Watch the video on how to set up this new feature

Be sure to check out this template

Watch the instructional video for your families

405/14/20Email Student Schedules: Contact and Student names added

Contact and Student names are now showing in Email Student Schedules when sending a Student Schedule to a family when sending from the Student page.

See Student page - Email Student Schedule

Click here to see our Help Guide Article

505/07/20NEW Mass drop classes

Jackrabbit users can now drop all classes for a student or family at one time from the student and family records.

See new mass drop classes button

See this article in the Help Guide for more details

605/07/20Class Skills Worksheet: Display additional information

Class Skills Worksheets now have the option to display roll notes, allergies, and special needs.

See new display settings for Class Skills Worksheets

705/07/20Revenue Reconciliation Report: Add search criteria

Location and Payment Method search criteria options added to Revenue Reconciliation Reports.

See new search criteria for Revenue Reconciliation Reports

804/27/20Credits: Search and mass apply

With a new option under the Transactions menu, Find Unapplied Credits, you can now search and apply outstanding credits to multiple family accounts at one time.

Help article and video for more information

904/23/20Absences: Add multiple for student or family

Quickly submi'); t absences for a period of time from the student or family record.

See new submit absence option

1004/14/20Staff Portal: Display Virtual Classes and Resources

Virtual Classes and Class Resources are now viewable in the Staff Portal.

Note: All Resources that were previously shared to the Parent Portal will automatically be shown in the Staff Portal. New Resources added from this point forward should be shared to the Staff Portal as needed.

See Virtual Classes and Resources in the Staff Portal

1104/09/20Classes Search: Resources criteria added

The Classes Search now includes search criteria for Resources to help quickly find classes that have resources added.

See new Classes Search criteria

1204/07/20NEW All Families

The All Families page allows you to quickly and efficiently find the information you need, related to family accounts.

Walk through the tour

Help article and video for more information
1304/02/20Skills: Display options for Staff Portal

Select which skills show in the Staff Portal based on whether they are class-assigned skills or student-assigned skills.

See Skills settings for Staff Portal

1404/02/20NEW Gender Customization

You now have the ability to edit your drop-down lists for gender to include more inclusive options in addition to male and female.

See Gender drop-down list

1503/27/20Sent Emails report: Add Contact Us correspondence

The Sent Emails report will now show correspondence sent by your customers to your organization through the Parent Portal\'s Contact Us form. This report is not retroactive and will only show correspondence from the parent portal going forward.

1603/27/20NEW Resource Management

A new Resources tab is now available on the Families, Students, Class, and Staff Records. Resources added to the Class records can be viewable from the Parent Portal.

See new Resources tab

Help article and video for more information

1703/24/20Classes Search: Virtual Class fields added

The Classes Search now has the option to search for classes that do or do not have a Virtual Class link added.

See new Classes Search criteria

1803/24/20Edit All Classes: Virtual Class fields added

Edit All Classes now includes the Virtual Class fields (Link URL and Link Text) to help add links to multiple classes at one time.

See new Virtual Class fields on Edit All Classes

Help article and video for more information

1903/19/20Post Late Fees/Misc Fees: Duplicate detection optional

When using Post Late Fees/Misc Fees, you can now decide when you want to use duplicate detection.

See optional duplicate detection

2003/19/20Mobile Inventor: Reload Punch Cards

Parents can now reload and purchase punch cards from the Mobile Inventor app for your organization. Purchases of punch cards will be recorded on the family\'s account in your Jackrabbit application.

Learn more about Mobile Inventor punch cards

2103/17/20NEW Virtual Class Links

Take your classes online with the new option on the class record to add video links to the class record. Parents will able to access the video in the Parent Portal if they have an active student enrolled in the class or scheduled for a makeup.

See new virtual class fields on class record

Help article for more information

2203/17/20NEW Email Templates

To help you communicate with families during unexpected closures, there are new email templates available for use.

See new email templates

2303/05/20SpotTV: NEW Integration

Jackrabbit now partners with SpotTV for video streaming integration through the Parent Portal.

Learn more about SpotTV integration

2403/05/20Email Student Schedules: Contact and Student name added

Contact and student names now show at the top of the page when sending student schedules to a family from the Family page.

See Email Student Schedules

2503/05/20Edit All Classes: Duration Search Criteria Added

In Edit All Classes, you can now search for classes by Class Duration.

See Edit All Classes Search Criteria

2602/20/20Email: Contact and student name added

Contact and student names now show at the top of the email editor when sending an email to a family.

See contact and student names

Blog for more information

2702/06/20Staff Portal: Enter future absences

Staff who use the Staff Portal to take attendance can now enter future absences for students.

See Staff Portal future absence example

2802/06/20Parent Portal: Display wait listed classes

The Parent Portal will now display the classes that a student is on the wait list for, below their normal classes.

See Wait Lists in the Parent Portal example

Blog for more information

2901/09/20Post Late Fees/Misc Fees: add tax option

A checkbox for Tax was added to Post Late Fees/Misc Fees in the Transactions Detail section. 

See Post Late Fees/Misc Fees tax option

3001/09/20NEW Staff Certifications

Staff Certifications allows you to track trainings and certifications for each staff member. Certifications can be marked as required and set with an expiration date. 

See Staff Certifications example

Blog for more information

3101/09/20Parent Portal: Gender optional

The Parent Portal has a new setting to give flexibility to the gender drop-down. Gender can be required, hidden, or optional to match the web registration form.

See Parent Portal gender settings

Blog for more information

3201/09/20Parent Portal: Email notification settings added

New options have been added to the Parent Portal settings tab to allow you to decide which automated email notifications your organization and families will receive.

See Parent Portal email notification settings

Blog for more information

3301/09/20Paid Fees Report: Multi-select Session option added

The Paid Fees Report now allows you to select more than one session at time when running the report. 

See Paid Fees Report example

3412/05/19Lesson Plans: Visible in the Staff Portal

Lesson Plans are now visible from inside the Staff Portal when lesson plans have been added to a class record. 

See Lesson Plans in the Staff Portal

Blog for more information

3511/21/19Web Registration Form : T-shirt size added

The T-shirt size drop-down is now available on the Web Registration form. The field defaults to optional, however, you can change the field to be hidden or required on your form. To do so, go to Tools > Online Web Registration > Field Options/Labels.

See T-shirt size setting on Web Registration Form

3611/15/19Student Detail Report: Print button added

A print button was added to the Student Detail Report for easy printing.

See updated Student Detail Report example

3711/15/19New Sent Emails Report

The Sent Emails Report allows you to search for emails that have been sent by users in your database. You can preview the email sent and check on the status per recipient.

Blog for more information

3810/24/19QuickBooks Online Authentication

In order to keep up with the the authentication supported by QuickBooks Online, we have updated our integration to the newer authentication system. You will need to reconnect your QuickBooks online account to Jackrabbit. 

Blog for more information

3910/24/19New Student Detail Report

There\'s a new Student Detail Report, which is a great tool to find information about students in one place. The report results includes important student information'); such as:

  • student\'s name,
  • student\'s birthday
  • student\'s age
  • student\'s gender
  • student\'s classes
  • contact\'s name
  • contact type
  • contact\'s email
  • contact\'s address

See Student Detail Report example

Blog for more information

4010/03/19New Notes Tab

A new Notes tab is available on Family, Student, Class, and Staff records for keeping internal notes. Each note shows:

  • who created the note and when,
  • the content of the note
  • who modified the note and when

Notes are NOT viewable in the Parent Portal.

See an example of the Notes tab

Watch the video on Notes

Blog for more information

4110/03/19Billing Portal: Automatic Login for Billing Contact

Billing contacts can automatically login to the Billing Portal when clicking the link from the My Account page in Jackrabbit.

Billing contacts will also see a new option under the Tools menu, Pay My Bill/Update Account, for quick access to the Billing Portal.

4210/03/19Discounting & Prorating: New Class Setting

Each class record has a new check box that allows you to exclude the class from multi-class discounts or the total hours count when checked. The new setting is only available when using the new Post Tuition Fees.

See New Class Setting

Blog for more information 

4309/03/19Email Student Schedules: Display First ClassWhen using Email Student Schedules, the first class will display for each student enrolled. The date shown is the first class the student can attend based on when the student enrolls and when the class meets. See Display First Class in Email Student Schedules
4409/03/19Parent Portal: Display First ClassThe Parent Portal displays the first class for each student enrolled. The date shown is the first class the student can attend based on when the student enrolls and when the class meets. See Display First Class in Parent Portal

With the new Revenue Reconciliation Reports, you now have the option to track revenue by Class Location. When tracking revenue by Class Location, you can report how much revenue is generated at each location, regardless of the family\'s location. This is most helpful when you have multiple locations. See Revenue Reconciliation Reports

Blog for more information

    4608/20/19New Tuition Not Posted Report

    There\'s a new Tuition Not Posted Report which searches by date range for any class enrollment that doesn\'t have a corresponding tuition fee posted, as identified by the student and class assigned to the tuition fee.  See Tuition Not Posted Report

    Blog for more information

    4708/20/19Process Class Registrations Report: Several Improvements

    The Process Class Registrations Report has been improved with the following:

    • Update records when a student is dropped, deleted, or moved from a waitlist
    • Allow users to mass update records
    • Add \'Session\' drop-down to Search Criteria. See Search Criteria
    • Sort report with the newest registrations and enrollments at the top

    See Process Class Registrations Report example

    Blog for more information

    4808/06/19Dashboard: Added Class Registrations SettingsYou can now control which records show on your dashboard to help you keep your dashboard clean. See Class Registrations Dashboard settings
    4907/23/19New ePayments WizardFor those who haven\'t set up their database to accept ePayments, there\'s a new wizard to make it easier by walking you through the process. See ePayments Wizard
    5007/23/19Email Listing: Added EmailEmail Listing now has the ability to email from the search result list. See Email Listing