Jackrabbit is always improving and adding new features and enhancements. Review the latest
enhancements below and click at the bottom to see more enhancements.

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107/08/21Sent Emails Report: Updated to Search for One YearSent emails now remain accessible and can be viewed in the system for 365 days (previously 6 months). 

See Sent Emails for more details on this report.
207/08/21Increased Waitlist VisibilityA new section has been added to the Classes tab of the Student and Family records listing the details of any waitlists the student, or students in a family, are on.
306/24/21Reports: Who's Scheduled to Be Here Report

Additional Search Criteria has been added to this report:

  • Enroll Type - Select from the drop-down list if applicable. Leaving it blank is the same as selecting all. Drop-down lists are created from the Gear (icon) > Settings > General > Drop-down Lists (left menu) > Student > Enroll Type.
  • Enrolled in Session - Select which session you would like to filter for or leave blank to select all.

Refer to Who's Scheduled to Be Here Report for more details.

406/24/21Staff Record: View Emails Sent to StaffA new button, View Sent Emails, has been added to the Staff record. Just click the button to open an Email History pop-up window with a list of emails sent to the staff member. Click the View link to see a copy of the email the staff member received.
506/24/21Reports: Staff Portal Log

An additional column has been added to the Staff Portal Log report. The new column, Sign In, indicates if the staff member logged in from within Jackrabbit (Internal) or used a link or URL bookmark (Remote).

See Staff Portal Log for more details on this report.

606/10/21Tuition Posting: Automate Tuition Fees to Post Later

Use the new automation scheduler to set and post fees on a regular schedule or a one-time post. No more need to set a reminder for yourself to post your tuition fees weekly or monthly! Schedule it once and let the Jackrabbit Scheduler do the rest!

Some key highlights of this new feature:

  • Select when you want to post your tuition fees (weekly/monthly).
  • Options to post to all or just some of your families.
  • Customize the cycle for posting tuition fees.
  • Receive an optional email reminder when tuition is set to post.
  • The Task Management page shows details of your schedule.
  • View, edit, pause, or delete a scheduled task.

See Help Center article Automate Tuition Posting - Schedule Fees to Post Later for more information.

706/10/21Parent Portal: Additional Settings Added

These settings have been added for the Parent Portal:

  • Allow a credit card to be saved without payment made - If parents are NOT required to make payments in the Parent Portal when enrolling a student, you can allow a credit card to be saved. These settings are found under the Gear (icon) > Settings > ePayments > Credit Card & Bank Account Settings > Manage Settings > Parent Portal Settings. Set Can parents make payment through the Parent Portal? to No and set Do you require parents to save a payment method before enrolling in classes? to Yes.

  • Exclude a class from payment in the Parent Portal - This new setting is located on a Class record > Summary tab. A fee is posted to the account; however, no payment is required in the Parent Portal during enrollment. This option has been added as additional search criteria for Classes (menu) > Edit All Classes.
805/27/21Staff Portal: Guided Staff Portal Setup

The steps in the Guided Staff Portal Setup have been reordered to improve the workflow. The steps start with global Staff Portal settings and end with sending login information emails to your staff.

See Help Center article Guided Staff Portal Setup for details.

905/17/21Parent Portal: Require Payment in Parent Portal (Optional)

This new feature, available for Jackrabbit clients who use ePayment processing, allows you to require payment when parents enroll students in classes or events in the Parent Portal. This is a huge timesaver!

  • Enrollment and payment in real-time
  • Transactions are posted immediately
  • Payment is made and linked to the fee automatically

Refer to Require Payment in the Parent Portal for more details.

Please note: This is ONLY for enrollments made through the Parent Portal.  It does not apply to NEW family registration/enrollments made via your Online Registration form.

1005/13/21My Account: Gear (icon) > Account > My Account

The My Account page has been enhanced to show your billing tier, total students, organizational details, and more:

  • Organizational Details (default view, includes ID, Name, Status, General address info, email, and website address).
  • Billing (all your billing details and a link to your Billing Portal).
  • Marketing Communications (check the information you are interested in receiving).

Refer to My Account - Organizational Details, Billing, and Marketing for more details.

1105/13/21Email: Email EnhancementSent emails are now retained for 365 days. Sent emails can be found on the Family record > Misc. tab > View Sent Emails button.
1205/13/21Parent Portal: Optional Category 1 Settings Added

Settings have been added to allow you to display Category 1s in the Parent Portal.

  • Class Enrollment Settings - Show Category 1 Value, when checked, adds a Category 1 column under Classes.
  • My Classes - Show Category 1 Value, when checked, shows a Category 1 on class cards.
  • Communication - Show Category 1 in Email Confirmation, when checked, shows Category 1 on email notifications and enrollment receipts.

The Help Center article, Set Up your Parent Portal has been updated with this information.

1304/29/21New Menu Update: New Simplified Menu Finalized

Thank you! You provided us with main menu feedback and we listened! The final menu has been completed.

Here are a few key updates that require fewer clicks and will simplify your tasks:

  • All main menus have a related reports option at the bottom of the drop-down list. For example, go to Families (menu) > Family Reports, this will open the Families/Students reports and you can click the report you need. Don't forget to click the outline heart to make a report one of your favorites.
  • Reports you designate as favorites will be listed under the Reports menu with a red heart. There is NO LIMIT, add as many as you like!
  • Costume Management and Skills have been relocated under the Classes menu.
  • Recital can be found under the Events menu.
  • Store is one of the main menu selections.

Refer to Classic Menu to the New Simplified Menu - A Map of the Changes for more detailed information. All related Help Center articles have been updated with the new menu information.

1404/08/21Online Registration: Flexible Registration Fee Option

Now you can select which classes will have a Registration Fee for your families when they sign up online for classes. There are 2 settings required for this action to occur:

  • The check box in the Class Record (Summary Tab) for Has a Registration Fee? is checked.
  • Select Yes for Post Registration Fee(s) in the Registration Fee Settings section in your Online Registration Settings.

Note: The Online Registration Settings control if the Registration Fee is charged. When this is set to No, no registration fee will be processed even though the check box in the Class Record is checked.

1504/08/21Classic Menu Update: Classes (menu) > All Classes

All Classes (NEW) has replaced List All Classes under the Classes (menu). This is a terrific opportunity to start using the powerful grid, just like you do with the All Families and All Students grids! The grid features the following:

  • View interactive class data visuals, click sections to display the class info in the grid
  • Filter classes, save and load your favorites
  • Sort, perform searches, and move columns
  • View classes in calendar formats (daily, weekly, room view)
  • Send messages, add classes, and perform mass actions
  • Use the row menu to edit and make changes to individual classes

Refer to Work with All Classes - View, Search, and Take Action for more details.

1603/25/21New Menu Updates: Families & Classes Menus

The Lead File is now easily accessible with one-click under the Families (menu). It was previously located under the Gear (icon) > Settings.

Add Class has been added as an option under the Classes (menu). Select Add Class from the menu to open an Add Class window. Additionally, a class can be added from the All Classes grid using the Add New Class (icon).

1703/25/21Tax Enhancements: Tax Columns Shown on Receipts

Effective with today’s release, all ePayment and payment receipts will automatically include a tax column when taxes are applicable.

Additionally, the Parent Portal > Billing & Payments > Recent Activity and Full Transaction History will show a tax column when the Show Tax setting is selected in the Parent Portal Settings > Fees & Payments section.

1803/25/21Grids: All Families & All Classes

Families (menu) – A Credit Card (CC) Expiration Date column has been added as an option to the All Families grid. To view this column in the grid, use the Column Menu (icon) > Columns and select the check box for CC Expiration Date.

Classes (menu) – A Registration Start Date column has been added in the default view for the All Classes grid. In addition, Duration is an additional show/hide option in the grid. To see this column in the grid, use the Column Menu (icon) > Columns and select the check box for Duration.

1902/25/21Search ePayment Transactions: New Options Available

From the Transactions (menu) > Search, select one of the ePayment options along with a Transaction Date range:

  • All - all ePayment transactions will display.
  • Successful Only - successful ePayment transactions will display.
  • Declined Only - declined ePayment transactions will display.

Refer to Find Declined ePayment Transactions for more information.

2002/12/21New Menu Update: Classes (menu) > All Classes

The All Classes page, like All Families and All Students, provides you with a comprehensive view of all the classes in your organization. On the All Classes page you can do the following:

  • View class data visuals, click sections to display the class info in the grid.
  • Filter classes, save and load favorites.
  • Sort, perform searches, and move columns in the grid.
  • View classes in calendar formats (daily, weekly, and room view).
  • Send messages, add classes, and perform mass actions.
  • Use the row menu to edit and make changes to individual classes.

Refer to Work with All Classes - View, Search, and Take Action for additional information.

2101/27/21New Menu Update: Families (menu) > Email/Text Families

A menu item has been added to the New Simplified Menu under Families to give you an additional email option.

Go to the Families (menu) > Email/Text Families to open the Email/Text Families page. This enables you to compose an email and select multiple criteria:

  • Family/Student Search Criteria
  • Class Search Criteria
  • Recipients selection

Refer to Email Families for more details.

2212/21/20Grid Updates: All Families, All Students, and All Classes

Column Search Added
A Column Search field has been added below the column header in the All Families, All Students, and All Classes pages. Use the column search, when available, to quickly locate information in the column. Click the red x to remove the search phrase.

Send Message (icon) Updated
Send an email, a push notification (for customers with Mobile Inventor), or a text message from one location on the page. Select the recipients in the grid and click the Send Messages (icon) to access the drop-down menu and choose the action you would like to take.

2312/21/20More Grid Updates: Action Buttons Moved

The Print and Export to Excel buttons have been modified and added to the drop-down list under the More (icon). In addition, the Refresh Grid (icon) has been moved. These actions, when available, are found above the grid to the right in the following:

Class/Event Revenue Summary Report
Notes in Jackrabbit
Sent Emails Report
Staff/Instructor Certifications
Student Detail Report
Tuition Not Posted Report

Related Help Center articles have been updated to reflect this information.

2412/03/20Grid Updates: Families (menu) > All Families and Students (menu) > All Students

Both the Print and Export to Excel options have been moved to one location under the More (icon). In addition, the Refresh Grid (icon) has been moved. These can all be found, above the grid to the right, next to the Send Message (icon).

Refer to Work with All Families and Work with All Students for more details.

2512/03/20New Menu Update: Families (menu) > Quick RegistrationThe Quick Registration option has been added to the Families (menu) drop-down list.
2612/03/20Reports: Drop History ReportUnder Search Criteria in the Drop History Report > Show Drops, you can now multi-select from the drop-down list. Refer to Drop History Report for more details.
2711/19/20Copy Classes: Copy Virtual Links & Resources

When you copy a single class or copy multiple classes at the same time, you now have the option to copy the class resources and the virtual class/video information.

Refer to Copy Multiple Classes at Once and Copy a Single Class for more details.

2811/19/20Staff Portal: External Staff Portal Link AddedA Copy Portal Link button has been added to the top right of the Staff Portal Settings page. Click the link to save it to your computer's clipboard and paste the link in an email or text to share with your staff.
2911/19/20Multi-Class Discounts: Number of Discounts Increased to 20

If you offer multi-class discounts to your families, the limit for the number of classes has been increased to 20. The previous limit was 6.

Refer to Create/Add a New Class Discount Rule for more details.  

This will go into effect Dec 1

3011/05/20Grids: Select Grid Data to Perform Mass Actions

There are 3 options to select grid data to perform mass actions on these pages: Families > All Families, Students > All Students, and Classes > All Classes (Beta).

  • Leave the check box in the 1st column unchecked and all rows of grid data are selected.
  • Select individual checkboxes.
  • Select the check box in the 1st column header and the data displayed on the page is selected (max. 250/page).

Refer to Work with All Families - View, Search, and Take Action and Work with All Students - View, Search, and Take Action for more detailed information.

3110/22/20Grids: Column Functionality Updated

When you Save a Favorite in All Families, All Students, and All Classes (Beta) these column attributes are saved:

  • Column width
  • Columns in locked positions
  • All your sort preferences

In addition, if you use the sorting function for columns, the column width will adjust automatically so you can see the sort and the sort number:

Refer to Work with Grids (Tables) in Jackrabbit for more information on grids.

3210/01/20Grids: Additional Features Added

These features have been added to some grids:

  • Save Column Placement - when you click the Save a Favorite (icon) on an All Families, All Students, or All Classes page, the column placement is saved along with your filtered criteria. This Save a Favorite (icon) is located on the top right of the page next to the filter.
  • Add a Note - on the All Families page, you can now add a note for an individual family. Select the check box in the 1st column of a family row, click the Row Menu, and select Add a Note.

  • All Classes (Beta) - a Data Visual has been added for Classes by Location. The Data Visual is interactive and for customers with more than one location, you can click to display the classes by each location in the grid. More Data Visuals will be added shortly!


3310/01/20Parent Portal: Charitable Donations Added to Select Reports

Now that Jackrabbit offers the ability to collect charitable donations from your families using the Parent Portal, you can also pull report information on the donations with these reports:

  • Revenue Summary Report - Display settings for Show Charitable Donations has been added.
  • Revenue Snapshot Report - Charitable Donations are listed in the report automatically.
  • Paid Fees Summary Report - Display settings for Show Charitable Donations has been added and defaults to Yes.

Refer to Accept Charitable Donations in Jackrabbit for more details.

3409/17/20Simplified Menu Beta Release

Introducing a new simpler menu for Jackrabbit! We encourage you to give it a try and toggle the new menu on, located at the top right side of the page in Jackrabbit. Try it today!

  • Get the data you need faster.
  • Simplify your tasks.
  • Provide real-time feedback.
  • You choose to turn in on and off with the toggle:

Refer to the Help Center article: Classic Menu to Simplified Menu - Where is it now? for more details on the new menu.

Watch the Jackrabbit Menu Bar video for additional information.

3509/17/20Parent Portal: Collect Charitable Donations

Jackrabbit now offers the ability to collect charitable donations from your families in the Parent Portal.

  • Swim Clients - Jackrabbit has an exclusive agreement with the Hope Floats Foundation and default settings have already been set up for you.
  • All Other Clients - You have the option to select a charity of your choice.

Refer to Accept Charitable Donations in Jackrabbit for more information.

3609/17/20Grids: Column Multi-Sort Functionality

All Families and All Students now support multi-sorting for columns in the grid. For example, in All Families, click on the Family column header to sort the column in ascending order (A-Z), then click on the Status column title and the grid will be sorted by Family (A-Z) and all Active families will be listed first in the grid.

Refer to Working with Grids in Jackrabbit for more details.

3709/03/20Parent Portal: Additional Class Makeup Settings Added

These additional makeup settings are now available:

  • Makeup Date Lead Time - This setting allows you to select the amount of lead time you require when makeups are scheduled in the Parent Portal.
  • Makeup Success Message - Create a custom message that will display in the Parent Portal when a makeup is successfully scheduled.

In addition, once a makeup class has been scheduled in the Parent Portal, an automatic email is sent to the class instructor, primary family contact, and the Parent Portal user.

Watch this video Parent Portal Absence & Makeup Settings for more details.

3808/06/20Reports: Fee Summary Report

Additional location selections have been added to the Fee Summary report. This enhancement provides multi-location businesses with additional options to align the report to their reporting needs.

The location drop-down list now includes the following: 

  • Show all transactions (default setting).
  • Limit results to families from certain locations.
  • Limit results to fees from certain locations. 
3907/23/20Staff Portal: Staff Members Can Add and Manage Resources

Now you can allow staff members, you have identified, to be able to manage resources for classes directly in their Staff Portal. Select a staff member and go to the Portal Settings (tab) and set Allow staff person to manage resources to Yes.

Refer to Resources in Jackrabbit - Family, Student, Class, and Staff for more details.

4007/23/20Post Tuition Fees: Advanced Detection

Duplicate detection for Post Tuition Fees has been enhanced to detect both duplicate tuition fees and tuition fees set to post for a student who dropped a class in the same billing cycle. This is designed to save you time and effort when you go to post your tuition fees.

Refer to Advanced Detection in Post Tuition Fees for more details.

4107/09/20Students Menu: All Students (New Menu Item)

You can see all your student data easier than ever before! View enrollments, absences, skills, and so much more! Sort, filter, and perform mass actions in the grid. Refer to Work with All Students - View, Search, and Mass Actions for more details.

With this new enhancement, there is no longer a need for Students (menu) > Search or Students (menu) > List All Students, so they have been removed from the menu to simplify the list.

4206/25/20Families Menu: Families > Search Removed

All your family data is in one place in the Families (menu) > All Families. There is no longer a need for Families (menu) > Search, so we have removed it from the menu to simplify the list. 

  • Go to Families > All Families to sort, filter, and view all your families in one grid. Refer to Improvements to Searching Families for a quick comparison of All Families to Classic Search.
  • Migrate your Favorites to use with All Families. If you were using Favorites the old way, you will need to go through a one-time process to migrate your Favorites over to All Families. See Recreate Your Search Favorites in All Families for easy to follow instructions.
4306/25/20Web Registration Forms: Collapse/Expand Added to Policies & Agreements

Less scrolling during online registration for classes and events! The Required Policies and Agreements sections in both the Web Registration and Online Events Registration forms have been updated to a collapse/expand format. The user just clicks + to expand the policy to review.

This takes up less space on the form and means less time scrolling through the Policy Agreements

Sample View - Web Registration Form

4406/18/20Parent Portal: Added Settings for Absences & Makeups

New controls have been added to the Parent Portal Absence & Makeup Settings to allow you to select the following:

  • Limit the number of absences a parent can see in the Parent Portal.
  • Only allow makeups to be scheduled in classes with at least one student enrolled.
  • Create a scheduling window for makeup classes. You select the number of days out a parent can schedule a makeup class.

Refer to Parent Portal Absence & Makeup Settings for more information.

4506/18/20Online Web Registration Form: Class Instructions Updated

Now you can enhance Class Instructions information in your Online Web Registration Form with the use of color fonts, rich text formatting, and styling (HTML supported).

Refer to Online Web Registration Settings - General Settings for more details.

4606/18/20Payment (row menu list and button) updated

For Class Edition Only: To help provide clarity when you want to post a credit to an account, the row menu selection, in the All Families page, Accept Payment has been updated to Accept Payment/Post Credit.

For Class and Care Editions: On a Family record, the Payment button has been updated to Payment/Credit. When selected, a Payment Transaction Entry page opens in a separate window so you can post a credit to the account.

4706/03/20Time Clock Menu UpdatedYour process payroll workflow just got a little easier. The 1st step for processing payroll, Incomplete Time Entries, has been moved and is now located at the top of the menu. Staff Portal > Time Clock > Incomplete Time Entries.

See the updated Time Clock menu
4805/21/20User login status more intuitive

A new button was added for you to set a User to a revoked status. This button is for staff members who no longer need access to Jackrabbit. Go to Tools> Manage Users and Permissions. Click on the User ID to see the User Details and the Revoke User ID button. 

Refer to the Jackrabbit Help Center article, User ID Login Status, for more information.
Refer to the Jackrabbit Care Help Center article, User ID Login Status, for more information.

4905/21/20Allow parents to schedule absences & makeups in Parent Portal

Save those admin hours with the option to allow parents to submit absences and schedule makeups right from the Parent Portal. Go to Tools> Edit Email Templates, select 136 or 137 to send informative emails to your families so that they know how to do this!

Watch the video on how to set up this new feature

Be sure to check out this template

Watch the instructional video for your families

5005/14/20Email Student Schedules: Contact and Student names added

Contact and Student names are now showing in Email Student Schedules when sending a Student Schedule to a family when sending from the Student page.

See Student page - Email Student Schedule

Click here to see our Help Guide Article

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