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Will Swim Lessons Drownproof A Child?

Even the best swimmers are not drownproof. Anyone can end up in a situation that could cause them to drown. The reason we learn to swim is to reduce the chance that something unfortunate take place when we’re in and around the water. We combine swim skills with water safety knowledge to reduce our drowning risks even more.

Skills and safety knowledge

As children reach new levels of swimming skills, they can perform the maneuvers that help them to be safe if they get into the water unsupervised. These abilities should never lull the child or the parent into a false sense of security that their child could be drownproof.

Parental supervision

One of the most important components of a water safety strategy is parental supervision. This is no substitute for it. Even children with swimming skills can get overwhelmed, tired or panic in the water and need assistance to be safe.


It is crucial that parents know all aspects of water safety such as supervision, barriers, pool safety fencing, CPR and child centered swimming lessons and  to understand the necessity for their children to learn how to swim and how to be safe in and around the water.


Put it this way – even Michael Phelps could drown. His amazing skills do not make him exempt from this risk. His risk of drowning may be much lower than the risk potential of a child who cannot swim but he still is at risk.

It is through combining skills and safety practices that we make those risks as low as we possibly can so that we can all enjoy the fun that being in and around the water can provide.

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