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Volunteers Make Good Employees

Recent research shows that employees who also volunteer are better employees. They are more productive in their jobs and are more satisfied in their positions and with their work.

And apparently, the research proved this fact overwhelmingly.

What’s up with this? Well, I would deduce from the characteristics noted in the research that those who volunteer are just more charitable all the way around. The theory that a giving attitude in one area means that they have a more giving attitude about everything – pretty much held up in this study.

Those who volunteer give more time and effort to their jobs and are more willing to help their colleagues. They have a more positive outlook and opinion of the companies that employ them and are less likely to do things like waste time on the job in activities like surfing the Internet (or cyberloafing as it is now called).

Volunteers on the average have more meaning within their lives that is gained through charitable work and that results in higher productivity for their employers.

This research comes from a study authored by Jennifer Rodell, assistant professor of management, at the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business, that was published in the Academy of Management Journal.  Read the study to learn more.

With evidence such as this, plus examples that you can see in more and more companies and organizations across the country, seeking out those with a penchant for charitable work makes sense. Finding and retaining good employees is difficult and any clues into how to improve this selection process can only make your team stronger, your productivity higher and your company get better results in both short and long term goals.

Image: Three Jackrabbit Technologies employees volunteer at a Holiday season event to support Project Clean – one of the charity organizations that Jackrabbit’s team regularly works with. 

Article Source: Georgia Magazine, June 2014 issue

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