June Virtual Release Notes

Virtual Release Notes: Jackrabbit’s fan-favorite features from June

Since Jackrabbit started our monthly Virtual Release Notes webinar, Marie and I just keep getting more and more excited about the awesome features we get to share with you. In addition to talking about what’s new, it’s a great way for us to share what’s coming up next and how you can stay in the know for future exciting announcements.

If you haven’t joined us for this series yet, we keep it short and sweet. In under 20 minutes, I ask Marie questions about the new features and she demos some exciting tips and tricks on how to get started and the power of the feature for you. It’s a fun way to learn about what’s new without having to do a bunch of reading. And we have fun at the same time!

Here’s what we chatted about for the June releases.

June’s fan-favorite features of Jackrabbit Class

When our product and engineering teams were planning out the 2021 Product Roadmap, they knew that there were a lot of game-changing features on the horizon for this year. In June, our team released one of the most powerful Jackrabbit features to date.

Not only are the latest releases powerful on their own, but they are also truly setting the groundwork for bigger and better things to come. As cliche as it may sound, the sky is really the limit now!

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Q&A on new releases from Jackrabbit Class

How does the extended time for saved emails help your team?

We know email is the most common and effective way to communicate with families. And having a record of that communication is important to you and your organization. With nearly 250 votes in the Idea Portal, our team knew that this was an easy win but an important one. Emails sent to families are now saved on the family record for a full 365 days from the day they are sent. (—> Learn more about sent emails to families)

What are the benefits of showing closed dates in the Parent Portal?

Closed dates have traditionally been a great way to help you accurately prorate tuition (if you choose to) and keep your staff from needing to take attendance on days you aren’t open. Extending that information to your parents would also be helpful for you and them.

When parents log into their portal on the day you are closed, they will see a notice reminding them of your closure. Fewer calls and fewer emails to your front office asking if you are closed for a holiday or inclement weather. Another easy win! (—> Discover more about closed dates in Jackrabbit)

How does the Jackrabbit Simplified Menu help you and your team?

Out with the old and in with the new, right? Change is good but change can be hard to face. You know it leads to a bright future but the thought of doing something differently than you’ve always done can make you feel as though you’re not ready to take on the change.

With your feedback and your willingness to take on this better-organized menu with updated back-end technology, we were able to sunset the classic menu and immediately start building the more powerful features you’ve been asking for. So, not only did you and your team see some immediate rewards in accessing the information you need in a better way, but it’s just going to keep getting better from here.

Marie is great at sharing tips that clients have found to be super helpful when using the new menu. You can check those tips out through the Magical Minute with Marie playlist on our YouTube channel.

What is Set It and Forget It and why is it a popular new feature?

Set It and Forget It is a 2021 initiative of the Jackrabbit Product Team that will help you automate your billing process from start to finish. The first piece of this feature was released this month so you can schedule tuition posting for a future date and have it repeat on a recurring basis.

So what does that mean for you? You can set up your tuition to post on a certain day of the week or the month so you no longer have to do it manually. When you are spending your billing day at a dance competition, swim or gymnastics meet, a performance, or even better – a vacation – you don’t have to worry about plugging in to post tuition fees.

And if you are like me and have to set reminders for everything, we’ve got you covered there as well. When you set up your recurring tuition posting, you can also determine how many days before the automated tuition posting that you want to receive an email reminder. This gives you time to edit or pause if needed or just let it happen! (—> Get started with Automated Tuition Posting now)

What’s coming up next with Jackrabbit enhancements?

If you guessed the other piece of Set It and Forget It, you are correct! Our team is already working on the future enhancement that will allow you also automate your payment processing to completely automate billing for your team.

This will make the task management feature even more powerful as you are able to manage tasks for automated tuition posting and automated payments all in one place! As the team begins to build more automation, this will be a nice little hub for you and your team.

And if you are looking to take your program to the next level, you are going to love our new offering – Jackrabbit Plus. Jackrabbit and Mobile Inventor came together to offer the class management software you already know and love with a custom-branded mobile app for your families. One subscription, one support team, and one monthly bill. Want to learn more? Talk to our app team today!

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