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Value Realized! Jackrabbit Puts Owners and Managers Back in People Business

Joe & Diane Barron were skeptics of the true cost savings that a class management system could provide to them as they were making their decision to go with a technology system to manage Barron Gymnastics.

They wanted to make sure they put the system in place that would help their operations to run as efficiently as possible. They were interested in Jackrabbit’s automation and powerful features but skeptical that the savings would justify their system costs.

What did Barrons find with Jackrabbit?

  • An obvious improvement in office efficiencies
  • Customer satisfaction with online registration and email communications
  • More meaningful interactions between staff and families
  • Change in office focus: less on processes and more on teaching

The Barrons’ office changed before their eyes! Yes, there was a big improvement in efficiencies that gave them the cost savings they were looking for, but there was also an amazing transformation in the office from a data-centric environment to one of interaction and teaching. Jackrabbit definitely took Barrons Gymnastics’ owners and managers out of data entry cycles and put them back in touch with their families. With Jackrabbit, Joe & Diane are back in the people business! As for the increase in customer happiness – you just can’t put a price on it!

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