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Tips from Support: Rooms = Lanes

Just how flexible is your Jackrabbit system?

This tip – conceived by a member of our support team – perfectly shows off Jackrabbit’s flexibility. And, although originally conceived for a swim client, we believe this concept could be applied similarly in any organization.

The question that inspired this tip: How can you track and report on what pool lanes were used each week and by whom in each class?

This customer rents pool space to instructors and needs to make sure that lanes are not overbooked.

Imagine, if you will, that lanes are rooms and each instructor is teaching in one. The lanes that are booked can be seen via the Calendar (Room View, Class Schedule, Classes Advanced Search, Class Opening etc.) so they do not get overlooked or overbooked!

The caveat? Revenue generated by the lanes can only be tracked by Cat 1. That makes this a great trick for reserving space and preventing over-booking of the pool but not for generating income reports.

However by running the Paid Fees Summary reports by Instructor and Location, revenue reports are easily generated. They just can’t be run by lane (room).




The example below was used for a Swim School who wanted to make sure they had enough lanes for each instructor and their lessons. This is an easy way to see who is where and when.

Room View on Calendar:

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