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URGENT: Yahoo Changes May Affect Your Emailing From Jackrabbit

As you may be aware from media reports, Yahoo has made some changes to their email protocol which is affecting many businesses all across the world.

What is the issue exactly?

Any email generated from your Jackrabbit database sent to you, staff or customers where the email “FROM” is using a Yahoo email address is now getting BLOCKED by Yahoo (thanks Yahoo!). Sending emails “TO” a Yahoo email address appears to be working successfully as long as the email is “FROM” any non-Yahoo address such as “”. If your Organization/School Email Address is not using a Yahoo address, and you aren’t using a Yahoo address as a Location email address, a “Reply To” address, and your staff that generate emails out of Jackrabbit are not using a Yahoo email address – you are fine! There are many types of Emails generated from your Jackrabbit database (Mass Emails, Class Emails, Confirmations, Alerts, Notifications, Email Statements, Ecomm Receipts, etc).

The new changes by Yahoo are effecting Jackrabbit users in two ways:

1. Emails going out of Jackrabbit with a “FROM” email address having “@yahoo” are not getting received.  But emails sent “TO” Yahoo addresses from non-Yahoo addresses should be Ok.  Our customers’ customers (parents) with a Yahoo address CAN/SHOULD receive emails from the school as long as the email “FROM” address is NOT a Yahoo address.

2. If you submit a Support Request to Jackrabbit we may not receive your support request at all.  Jackrabbit’s support email is hosted by GMAIL and GMAIL is honoring this 3rd party filtering inspired by Yahoo.  This means we may not receive your request.  If you use the Jackrabbit Support Button our application does log these requests.  The support team is attempting to match these requests with our ticketing system.

To help Control this interruption: as a temporary measure, If you attempt to contact support from a yahoo email address a notification will ask to use a NON-yahoo based email address to contact us.  This will ensure we receive your request.

Here are areas of your Jackrabbit Database that you need to consider adjusting until we have a possible resolution to this situation:

If you have a  “@Yahoo” email address in various areas within Jackrabbit settings and Jackrabbit Users with Yahoo email addresses, the fastest solution is to change these email addresses to an alternate email address such as a Hotmail address (anything other than “@Yahoo”).  Please see the HELP GUIDE under the HELP button.

1.   User’s Email address – Because user email addresses communicate with: support Tickets, Email Statements, Mass Emails/Class Emails/Staff Emails.

2.   “Organization Email” – Tools – Edit Settings – Original main email address used in various areas of communication.

3.   “Location Email” – Tools – Edit Locations – Some notifications/alert can be set to use “Loc Email” for alerts.

4.   Ecomm – “Approved/Declined Reply To Email” – Tools – Edit Settings – Statements/Ecomm Receipts

5.   Web Reg – “Notification Emails – Tools – Web Reg Settings – Settings

6.   Portal “Reply To/Send Alert To – Tools – Parent Portal Settings – Settings tab

7.   Staff Email Addresses – Time Clock – Time entry emails may be sent “FROM” staff to Manager, and this could have a “FROM” Yahoo address.

8.   Event Types – “Notification Email(s)

Information on how these changes are affecting not only Jackrabbit:

We appreciate your frustration in this.  Jackrabbit is trying to work through this situation on behalf of your business needs and help as much as possible.

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