7 top features in class management software

Top 7 Features to Look for in Class Management Software

Finding the right class management software is a big deal. The right software can help you run your business day in and day out without taking you away from the classroom. Before you can effectively start looking at your options, you need to decide what your ideal solution would be. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What features are the must-haves?
  • What features are the cherry on top?
  • What are the deal breakers?

Having a list of requirements makes finding the right software easier on you!

As the industry-leading cloud-based class management software, Jackrabbit Class strives to be a one-stop-shop for youth activity center owners. Through our Idea Portal, we are committed to listening to our clients as we enhance the software and add new features.

7 Features You Need in your Class Management Software

Our clients highly influenced Jackrabbit’s 20/20 Vision for enhancements and updates, which largely included the Next Generation Experience. The Jackrabbit team released All Families early this year and All Students is making its debut soon.

Next up will be All Classes later this summer.

Say goodbye to the old Jackrabbit and hello to the best Jackrabbit as the Next Generation Experience takes 7 of Jackrabbit’s fan-favorite features to the next level.

Check out the comparison!

1. The robust data filtering

What good is data if you can’t get to it easily? A big part of running a youth activity center is making decisions based on numbers so you need to be able to find that data without going on a wild chase.

How can you find your data with the Next Generation Experience?
The filter drawer acts as a search to help you find families or students by:

    • enrollment status
    • account balance
    • policy agreement date
    • referral source
    • skills/levels
    • student sizes
    • and much more!

2. The visual view of your data

We already said numbers are important but who doesn’t love a good visual? Visuals tell the story and paint a clear picture, which is a bonus for those of us whose head spins when they see a bunch of numbers. Guilty!

How can you visualize your data with the Next Generation Experience?
The All Families page automatically populates with data visuals that tell you how many families have:

    • an outstanding balance
    • agreed to your policies
    • a credit card on file
    • and more!

And for All Students, you can count on seeing the top 5 students:

    • with absences over the last two weeks
    • with dropped classes over the last two weeks
    • who are owed makeups and how many
    • and more!

3. The flexibility of data

We know that while all youth activity centers may have some things in common, each one is unique in their own right. Which means, not every owner will need the same data in the same format. Having flexibility in data will have every owner or director feeling like the software is tailor-made for them.

How can you customize your data with the Next Generation Experience?
Take advantage of the flexibility and:

    • display or hide columns based on your need or preference
    • sort columns quickly to show the most important data at the top
    • reorder columns so your data tells the right story
    • group data by any given column

4. The time-saving capability

Time is one thing you don’t have enough of so anything that can save you time is a win, am I right? That’s why you need a software that helps you streamline processes, like updating multiple family accounts at once, so you can save as much time as possible.

How can you save time with the Next Generation Experience?
Take action on multiple family accounts to update:

    • when families payments are processed
    • how much and for how long families receive a discount (if applicable)
    • the flat rate families are charged for tuition
    • what kind of membership families have
    • any additional information you request using specified fields

Update multiple student records by:

    • adding or updating fixed fees
    • adding a note
    • clearing any additional information you collected using specified fields

5. The ease of quick communication

Communicating with your families is a must-have. Whether you are sending a monthly newsletter or promoting your upcoming registration, being able to efficiently email multiple families at once is a big deal.

How can you quickly email with the Next Generation Experience?
Using the search options in All Families or All Students, you can segment your audience easily and then compose an email as normal!

6. The ability to save common searches

Daily tasks can have you feeling a little bit like groundhog’s day.

But, there are just some things that need to be done on a regular basis. Saving common searches for quick access will have you saving time without testing your brain power and I am here for it!

How can you save searches with the Next Generation Experience?
The new pages are equipped with nifty icons, one for saving your search criteria for later use. And if you know other members of your staff will benefit from it, you can share it over to them also!

If you are a Jackrabbit client, use the new pages to clean up favorites that you aren’t using anymore and only create the ones you use on a regular basis.

More on recreating favorite searches

7. The option to set your default view

Do you ever log in to something, get the page exactly how you want it, go to another page to look at something else, come back, and everything you had set the way you wanted is shifted around? *Raising both of my hands high*. Being able to set your default view is a game-changer when you want certain information literally at your fingertips.

How can you set your default view with the Next Generation Experience?
Just like you can save common searches, you can save your favorite view and make it the default. Each user can have their own default view making you and your staff more productive than ever!

How can you get started with the Next Generation Experience?

If you haven’t joined the Jackrabbit family yet, what are you waiting for? In all seriousness, there’s no better time than now! Get started with a 30-day free trial and work with a Product Coach to get your shiny new Jackrabbit application ready to go!

Let’s do the 30-day free trial!

If you are already a part of the Jackrabbit fun, you can work with our support experts to start maximizing the features of the Next Generation Experience. From learning the ins and outs to moving over your favorites and cleaning up your application, the team is ready to help at your next checkup call!

Let’s schedule my checkup call!

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