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Top 7 Benefits of Jackrabbit’s Point of Sale

Earlier this year, Jackrabbit announced a new feature: The Store. This Point of Sale system helps streamline your business operations by tracking inventory, barcode scanning, and taking payments. Did I mention it’s available to you at no additional cost?

These are the top 7 reasons you want to be using this feature.

Easily sell merchandise  – Selling apparel, accessories, food and drinks has never been easier. You can use a bar code scanner, the software populates the price and updates the quantity remaining in the blink of an eye. Get rid of your front desk line by speeding up each customer’s check out time.

Keep track of inventory – Eliminate counting your inventory by hand – Jackrabbit will do it for you. Keep your business efficient and organized because your database automatically updates and syncs with your sales. Save time and reduce costs by using the Point of Sale feature.

Have valuable retail based reports at your fingertips – Running reports gives you an update on your inventory in seconds. No need to count or look in an excel spreadsheet to figure out how your inventory is doing. Financially, the inventory report is huge to a business owner because it shows you the numbers to prove the revenues and costs that can be attributed to your store.

Speed up the checkout process – With the barcode and encrypted credit card swipe reader, customers can check out in no time. No more long lines at your front desk.  This elevates the level of service your business offers because your staff has more time to interact with others.

Charge the customer’s card on file – If a family has a credit card on file, you can charge their purchase without swiping the card. Picture a mother dropping off her child for class who wants to grab a bottle of water on her way out. She’s taking one of her other children to a different practice and is late. She calls over to the front desk that she is getting a water bottle, they open up the store and charge her card. No need for her to dig into her purse, find her wallet, and then swipe the card. You’ll be amazed at the time this saves her and you.

Use a credit card as a one-time use transaction – Visitors can purchase any of your inventory through Jackrabbit Store. You simply choose to Save and Pay Now instead of Pay Later. You can also use a card once without overriding the existing card information on the family’s account. If a relative wants to pay the tuition for a particular month, they can swipe their card once and it will be charged for tuition but will not override the existing card information on file. This creates more sales and happier customers.

Accessible on multiple devices  – Just like all features in Jackrabbit, you can access the store on multiple devices at once. This helps boost your business performance because staff members don‘t have to wait in line to use one specific computer. Multiple locations can be set up in the store so your revenue from both locations is calculated and can be used for comparisons and analysis.

Have you started using the store? What have you thought about it? How has it helped your business?

Read what customers say about it here and learn more about the store here.

For more information on Jackrabbit’s online class management system, visit JackrabbitTech.com.

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