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The Winners of the Free Dance Teacher Summit Tickets are …

Carey Macik, Administrative Manager at Dance Expressions in Friendswood, Texas and Peg Moore-Maioriello, Artist-in-Residence at Transcend Dance Inc., in Mt. Vernon, NY are our winners! Carey and Peg will each receive a ticket for admission to the Dance Teacher Summit coming up August 1-3.


We had such fabulous response that we decided we would select two winners! Thank you for sharing your amazing Jackrabbit stories with us!

One thing is for sure, this contest gave us the opportunity to learn many of your awesome Jackrabbit stories! We will share these over the next several months. We love to hear about how you discovered Jackrabbit and how you have used it to transform your studios – and in some cases – your lives!
Jackrabbit will have a booth at Dance Teacher Summit and will provide content for a learning session. We are also hosting Jackrabbit Optimized Training in NYC from 9:30am – 3:30 pm July 31 (the day before DTS starts) for a mere $25. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with Jackrabbit on an individual level! (Register for Jackrabbit training here)

Thank you again for sharing your Jackrabbit stories! Come by at DTS and tell us more. Be sure to have your picture made with the Jackrabbit team that will be there to greet you and provide you with lots of valuable information!

Our winners have provided us with heart-warming stories that I want to share with you.

Dance Expressions’ Story:

Carey Macik of Dance Expressions submitted her Jackrabbit story on behalf of her studio director and instructor, Jennifer Smith. Jennifer had already made plans to attend Dance Teacher Summit and was trying to help one of her instructors, Becky Caudle, get registered as well. Dance Expression just moved into a new facility, so you know the additional and unexpected expenses that they’ve had to accommodate recently. Those expenses were making it look more and more like Becky wasn’t going to be able to go. She was , in fact, ready to cancel her flight when the message came from Jackrabbit that they had won a free ticket. Carey gave the ticket to Jennifer who in turn gave it to Becky so she can attend DTS! What amazing friendships! Now both Jennifer and Becky are excitedly planning their trip to New York and can soak in all of the excitement and amazing information that awaits them at the Summit.

Transcend Dance Inc.’s Story:

Peg Moore-Maioriello was already disappointed about potentially missing Dance Teacher Summit this year. After all, she’s attended each year since the second official DTS event. But learning that Twyla Tharp would be the headline teacher really stuck in her throat. She submitted her Jackrabbit story. Would she have a story compelling enough to win? That was her hope and the only way that she would get to the Summit this year. When her winning notification came, she realized that she was going to be able to realize a dream! Peg is especially ecstatic with her free ticket. Twyla Tharp is Peg’s answer to the “Who in the world do you wish you could have a conversation with?” question. Her years of experience and specializations in dance (30 plus years teaching Modern and and Post-Modern dance) make her feel a special kinship to Twyla and it’s likely that this opportunity wouldn’t present itself to her again. She’s also excited because of her ties to technology. She’s also an IT professional and therefore feels a special kinship with her friends at Jackrabbit. Peg is counting down the days until the Summit and especially the two classes with Twyla!

Some inside intel on Dance Teacher Summit:

Improvements efforts in the studio are focused on students.  Dance Teacher Summit is a rare time that dance instructors, studio owners and directors can turn that improvement focus on themselves and enjoy all of the growth that that can bring to them. According to Jennifer, it is also very valuable in expanding their knowledge and inspiring creativity through moments as simple as conversations with other instructors, owners and directors from outside of their local area and learning sessions and classes with industry leaders and dance icons – like Peg’s idol, Twyla Tharp. The exhibit floor also allows them to touch and feel items that they usually only get to see in pictures. “It’s amazing the difference that holding three different brands of shoes in your hand can make in the decision process!” Jennifer remarks.

Peg noted that the Summit is like heaven for a dance teacher! It provides the chance to get the jump on June recitals and to really examine the products of other products that are crucial to dance studios (like flooring, teaching aids, dance wear, etc). The Summit brings talent from across the world and sends teachers and owners home rejuvenated for the coming year.

Congratulations to our winners! You can see the excitement in our winners’ comments and we’re thrilled that we can help these folks in such amazing ways!

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