Take Payroll processing from hours to minutes with the Jackrabbit Staff Portal Time Clock.

The Time Clock is the Centerpiece of Staff Portal

The Jackrabbit system – as a whole – provides an infrastructure that allows for easy expansion. The Staff Portal is the centralized component of this infrastructure that allows staff to ‘work’ anytime from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet. Talk about convenience!  

The Time Clock specifically provides an avenue within the Staff Portal for improving the payroll process. All details can be input and managed from any device desired. And – yes – that includes smartphones and tablets.

Client metrics show that the feature can trim the time consumed by payroll from 3-4 hours down to 20 minutes.

“Time Clock saves my bookkeeper 2 hours every payroll by making it easy for her to export data from Quickbooks and access the system from home.” Patti Komara, Patti’s All-American Gymnastics

Perfect partnership makes the process smooth as silk.

Jackrabbit’s relationship with a like-minded payroll service provider, Express Payroll, simplified the use of the Time Clock, providing staff an end-to-end ‘process’ that takes hours off entering and managing time entry.

Express Payroll picks up Jackrabbit’s time entry data and preps it for payroll. Payroll is never actually processed without manager approval, however, review and revision is quick and simple. Manager approval triggers payroll processing.

What’s better than accuracy and speed in a silky smooth process?

“The integrated process puts Jackrabbit’s Time Clock in charge of time management and turns the time entry process into an employee implemented one. The Time Clock allows me to simply check and approve time entries. Hourly ‘budgets’ are set so that I immediately know when enough or too few hours have been worked. I can even email the employee about the discrepancies directly from the interface. The entire process is quite magical!” Jon Aardema, Gymnastics Academy of Atlanta

Using Express Payroll in conjunction with Jackrabbit helps your business by:

  • Taking the worries and hassles of payroll out of your hair.
  • Eliminating concerns about payment of withholding taxes and tallying end-of-year tax totals.
  • Making time entry more accommodating to employees preferences and schedules.
  • Giving employees a payment process they can depend on for accuracy and timeliness.

Increased benefits build confidence.

The integration of employee time management and payroll processing increases your benefits because you can improve the time tracking and payment experience for your employees, your accountant and for yourself.

You can have absolute confidence that your business data is always accurate and in sync.

This business data includes:

  • The information delivered from your management system to your payroll provider.
  • Your payment records vs. actual pay stubs.
  • Your withholding tax responsibilities.
  • The forms provided for your state and federal tax filings.

Leverage technology and focus your energy.

Regardless of the size of the organization, paper time sheets should be in the past and technology should be providing the infrastructure for such important processes.

The Time Clock features built into Jackrabbit offers multiple ways for you to put cloud-based technology to work for you.

Your energy needs to be focused in many other areas where you are the SME (subject matter expert)! Processes as critical as payroll need to be handled with meticulous detail and software is the best way to ensure that each detail happens the same way every time. And – by the way – you also ensure your data and process compliance.

“I was a math major, so I’m not afraid of numbers but I am concerned about mistakes. And if I did my payroll myself, I have no doubt that I would spend more time than necessary producing results that contain errors for employees and my accountant  – and that just isn’t acceptable to me. My joy and my expertise lie in teaching children to swim. I want to spend my time doing that – not shuffling time sheets and running payroll.” Mike McKamy, Little Waves Swim School, Omaha, NE


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