The GDPR and Jackrabbit: Readiness for Our Business and for Yours

Our preparation efforts for the arrival of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) are ongoing and will continue into next year. We’ve already made great progress. We’re committed to achieving compliance with the GDPR, and we want to help our clients do the same.

Jackrabbit’s 4-point plan to ensure compliance by the May 25 EU GDPR arrival date:

  1. Data mapping inventory and related self-assessments.
    Data mapping is usually the first step of GDPR compliance planning, and is key to the remaining steps.  This step identifies and documents what PII (Personal Identifying Information) we have, for what purpose, where it’s stored, transferred, the retention policy, etc.
  2. Tailor plan to PII data.
  3. Formally document our notification response plan.
    Formal documentation defines existing data breach notification response process for clients. The GDPR carries a data breach notification requirement (Articles 33 & 34).
  4. Create an addendum, a GDPR-compliant Privacy Policy and potentially a vendor/supplier contract addendum.

Any further required documentation will be created as we become aware of them.

After the EU GDPR arrival, we will continue to review and update documentation and policies with good reasoning in mind as our product is dynamic software continuously being update and enhanced. Constantly, new data is captured, stored and transferred – and will change.

Jackrabbit Will Be Ready Instead 

As a leader of the markets we serve, we take data privacy and protection seriously everywhere – not simply in the European Union where this regulatory action is focused.  We prefer to be ready for change instead of to respond to impact.

There will be companies who have not complied with the new law as May 25 comes and goes. This time next year, there will be those who have not even given the EU GDPR serious consideration.  We will not be party to those failures. We will not put any clients or our ability to serve them at risk by waiting to see what happens.  We want to support our valued clients wherever they are.  So we are moving with great urgency on the GDPR.

How can you be ready? Here is an infographic that shares a simple approach for understanding your compliance with the GDPR.

Detailed EU GDPR information can be found at

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