The most popular reporting features of 2018 revealed in the 12 Days of Jackrabbit Christmas.

The Eighth Day of Jackrabbit Christmas: The Family Balance Summary Report

As you’ve followed along in our series we’ve taken closer looks at revenue and accounts receivable reporting that the Jackrabbit experts believe will help you keep a pulse on your program and give you a good idea of what’s trending in your business.

The third of the Accounts Receivable/Collection Reports we will look at is:

The Family Balance Summary Report

The Family Balance Summary Report provides a list of families with basic information and account balance.

You can run the report for the current date or for a historical date (i.e., month end, year end).

Accountant may refer to this report as a Historical Accounts Receivable Listing.

Click here to see the details on using this report.

This is one of our most used reports. There are many more! When you’re ready to learn about other reports, visit our Help Center or go to Reports > Find Reports to begin exploring!

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