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Templates Help Jackrabbit Users Save Time

One of the biggest time savers that has been incorporated into Jackrabbit’s feature set doesn’t appear as an entire module or a complex screen but is a simple tab as part of Jackrabbit’s Reporting functionality called Templates.

The Templates feature gives you the capability to save Search Criteria, Settings and Display Options in many areas.

Templates save the field entries for you to use at repeatedly for the Reports that you template. One of the most requested areas that this feature was requested for is Post Tuition Fees. Let’s say you run Post Tuition Fees 2 times each month in order to post two groups of families in different ways. With the new Templates feature you can set the fields as appropriate and save them in a Template. You won’t have to remember those settings for next time Post Tuition Fees is used because you can just click on your Template for this Report.

What a time saver! In addition, you eliminate the opportunity for errors in inputting complex parameters over and over again.

It will be a good policy for you to create Templates for each Report scenario that you use – including Post Tuition Fees scenarios – so that you can eliminate the time consumed and potential errors made by recreating these every time you need the Reports.

How do you use this outstanding feature? To create a new template, set all the fields on the screen as you would like them.

Click the “Save” button to name and save your Template. Be sure to name your Template so that it is easy to identify.


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