Staying connected while working from home

A teacher’s guide to stay connected with students while working from home

Whether you run a remote learning program or your facility was forced to temporarily close its doors to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus, many instructors are looking for creative ways to stay connected with students while working from home. 

That’s why we’re here to help with four simple and fun ways you can stay connected with students while working from home.

Tips to stay connected with students

Host virtual classes

Our worlds have changed a lot in the last few weeks. Instead of buzzing with students, dance studios, gyms, and pools are silent. But just because classes can’t take place inside your facility doesn’t mean learning should stop altogether. 

A lot of youth activity centers are making virtual classes their new normal. Whether you decide to pre-record your classes or host sessions live using online tools such as Zoom, parents and students alike will appreciate your effort to maintain their extracurricular activities remotely. 

In addition to maintaining your regularly scheduled classes online, or if your classes do not translate to an online format, you can use your virtual classroom to educate students on topics you typically wouldn’t cover in class like:  

  • stretches to work on at home, 
  • tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle at home, 
  • or printable worksheets and coloring pages to complete at home.  

Jackrabbit Enhancement Alert: Due to client demand, we fast-tracked a way for all Jackrabbit clients to manage resources from within the Parent Portal so that students can easily access virtual classes and educational materials! 

Connect with a Jackrabbit expert to learn more about Resource Management!

Start a book club

Right now, your students have extra time on their hands. While many were given prepared lesson plans from their school teachers, it’s hard for some to stay busy during normal school hours at home.

This is where you can come in. 

Use your time apart to help students exercise their minds by starting a book club. 

Spare them the epic novel and choose something a little more inspirational, with life lessons they can carry with them long after they graduate from your facility!

If you teach a younger student base, such as pre-schoolers, switch this idea out and broadcast a story time instead! No fancy production equipment needed here. Simply have your staff take turns reading children’s books live on your Facebook or Instagram pages.

Socialize through social media

Boost your social engagement and promote safe social distancing by asking your students to share pictures and videos of themselves practicing skills outside of your facility. 

You can encourage participation with prizes like gift cards and merchandise!

Host a weekly lunch break

Say what now? 

Chances are your students are not just missing the classes at your facility – they are missing you, too. So, try scheduling regular virtual lunches through Zoom to encourage socialization until you and your students can get some real face-to-face time. 

Make it more fun by adding a theme to each week’s lunch, such as Pajama Day Monday or Fancy Friday. Because let’s face it, we could all look forward to getting dressed up for something! 

Bottom line:

Staying connected to your students has never been more important. Jackrabbit is dedicated to helping you maintain student relationships during down times so you can grow during up times!

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