A gym owner is management student skill growth in Jackrabbit Class.

Skill Tracking Has Changed Our Gym!

Yes, Gymnastics Academy of Atlanta’s Jon Aardema says that Skill Tracking in Jackrabbit has changed his gym!

And then Jon added, “We’ve been excited to see the transformation that using Jackrabbit’s Skill Tracking has inspired at our gym.”

Jon and his staff at Gymnastics Academy of Atlanta are the perfect example of the difference Skill Tracking makes in being prepared for a new session – especially one as choatic as fall can be.

It is a game-changer! 

Gymnastics Academy of Atlanta beta tested Skill Tracking when it was initially available and its coaches and front desk administrators have continued to enjoy its benefits after the skill feature roll-out took them into the busy fall season.

One feature helped change perception of students’ progress.

When parents asked questions about progress and skill levels, prior to the use of Skill Tracking in Jackrabbit, coaches could only provide a list of every skill needed with the ones that had been attained checked off.

Parents immediately quizzed coaches: “Why can’t my child do all of these skills?” The conversations were about the students’ CAN’T DO’s. Having a system that allows coaches to easily track skills and send reports on what their student has attained keeps the parents from getting bogged down in a long list of skills the student hasn’t attained or may not even be ready to try. It transposes the conversation into one focused on the CAN DO’s.

Accuracy of attendance.

Coaches can see up-to-the-second class lists and know exactly who is in the class along with such details as what students in the class are make-ups, if they have put in drop dates, and what their ages are. This eliminates many questions that coaches have and enables all of their time to be spent coaching.

Consistency of skills check-off list.

Regardless of how many different coaches or classes a student has, Jackrabbit Skill Tracking shows an accurate list of skills check-off. This empowers coaches to work off of complete skill information that is at their fingertips and to communicate accurately when parents do come to them with skill questions.

Huge leap toward paperless.

Skill Tracking helps a gym’s front office work on their paperless operational goals. This feature means no more printing of rolls and therefore no need for organizing and maintaining dreaded attendance notebooks.

Simplicity of finding and delivering information. Verifying attendance for billing purposes, accurately answering parents’ questions about student progress, and navigating within skill tracking functionality: it’s all easy.

Reaping rewards of providing self-serve information. Because complete information is automatically provided to all who need it, questions from all parties – parents, students and coaches – are practically eliminated. When answers to skill questions need to be answered, they are quickly located, current, and accurate.

Jon also added, “I’ve watched as our front desk administrators help clients whose children were in the program at one time but they’ve forgotten the skills levels they attained. The parents think all is lost. But Jackrabbit makes it easy to find even challenging details like this! The feature helps us and produces gratitude and relief in the parents who can now re-enroll their children without guessing.”

Skill Tracking is a big success for Gymnastics Academy of Atlanta. They’ve learned to leverage several aspects of the feature but still have some ways to grow its benefits.

Read some creative ways Jackrabbit users are leveraging Skill Tracking.

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