How To Save A Website To Your iPhone/iPad Home Screen

If you visit a website frequently on your iPhone or iPad, it may be a good idea to save this site to your home screen. What this means is that an app like icon will appear on your home screen and will open this link in Safari without having to go to Safari first. Now that mobile devices are so popular, you really save time by saving websites to your home screen.

Jackrabbit is making more features mobile friendly which means that they are easier to navigate through on your mobile device. Our latest enhancement was the Staff Portal. If you haven’t seen it, check it out here.

Note: You will need to login to Jackrabbit or the Staff Portal every time you open this icon on the home screen.

The process of saving a website shortcut to the home screen on your iPhone is really easy and takes about as much time as it would to save a regular bookmark. Follow these simple steps:

  • Open up Safari on your iOS device.
  • Navigate to the website that you want to save as a home screen shortcut.



  • Tap the Share button on the menu bar. It’s an icon on the right side that’s a box with an arrow sticking out from it.
  • Tap on Add to Home Screen.



  • On the next page you’ll give the shortcut a name and confirm the web address.
  • After that, tap on Add in the upper-right corner to add the shortcut to your home screen.



Then you’re done!


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