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Reality Meets Swimming

Move over Honey Boo Boo, Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps are all over reality tv!

The Lochte version: What would Ryan Lochte do? This cable reality show really just mocks the Ryan Lochte. Debutting April 21st, this show caught many by surprise with a first episode that featured footage of Lochte’s one-on-one interviews – which are not very flattering.

It is unclear what this show actually has to do with reality and exactly what the point of it is.

The Phelps version: The reality show that Michael Phelps is featured in is quite the opposite of the Lochte show. Phelps – who is a bit fanatical about his golf game – is now in the crosshairs of training legend Hank Haney on The Haney Project. The point of the show is for Haney to give well-known people (typically well-known for something other than golf) televised lessons.

If you don’t like golf (and I mean, really like golf) you probably won’t be able to tolerate this show because it is like being a fly on the wall while Haney and his famous student analyze golf strokes and swings – ad nauseam.

These two show prove that you just never know what stage you will see Olympic Athletes on – after they’ve framed there medals!

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