Use the Jackrabbit Class mobile app to register for a class or join the wait list.

Promote Online Registration with Your Mobile App

Registration is one of the most popular activities that you can allow parents to do online.

Opening up access and providing more and easier opportunities for parents to register for classes also does something for you: it drives your revenues higher.

Provide a Seamless Process from Notification to Payment

By using your push notification capabilities of your mobile app in tandem with your online registration web pages, you can link parents directly to class availabilities on their mobile devices when you want them to be able to register. Providing such direct access encourages their use of your online methods and speeds up the payment process so that you feel the benefit in your pocket.

Whether you invite mobile app users to an early bird registration period, or simply publicize the opening of class registration through your push notifications, your parents don’t even have to remember to go to your website to register. You’ve delivered it directly to their phones.

Target Marketing at a Moment’s Notice

Schools and gyms can target their marketing efforts to successfully fill classes with lower registrations than preferred or expected. This proven strategy gets very quick response and helps to recover gaps in registration and to fill classes that may have been cancelled.

The result is an increase in total enrollment paralleled by an increase in revenues.

Using the app, staff can act on a moment’s notice to link parents to the specific place where they need to register and pay.

If parents have questions, they have class information right before their eyes. If they have questions that aren’t answered in your online information, they have plenty of details to get quick answers from staff via the phone. Because they can see every class offered, they may be able to save time by doing all of their scheduling in a single online session.

Lure the Less Tech Savvy

Using a mobile app to promote online registration may also encourage parents who’ve not previously scheduled or paid online to do so. Push notifications make it so simple. The recipient really doesn’t have to be very tech savvy since they simply click the link in the notification to be introduced to online registration. Making the subsequent steps to complete their registration as simple as possible ensures that you don’t lose their interest when they get to your website.

You may also lure parents to use online registration by offering them an incentive through your app. Whether it’s an offer for a gift card or 20% off on a pro shop item push, it sometimes takes very little to give parents a reason to click a registration link. They were going to register anyway, so why not get something for it and do it immediately from their phone?

Always Be Open for Business

Using a mobile app, you can also promote the fact that the online process makes registration at your facility a 24/7 opportunity – you’re always open for business. Parents can research and discuss options at midnight without having to wait until the next day to actually complete the process. Parents can lock in their child’s slot in their “1st choice class”, because they can enter their own information and hit pay when they’re ready.

Watch Customer Satisfaction Rise

Losing touch with parents isn’t a worry. You aren’t distancing yourself from them with technology. You’re actually driving their satisfaction higher by saving them time, making things easier for them and giving them convenience. Your interactions with them can focus on meaningful conversations instead of transactions.

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