New Jackrabbit enhancements.

Keep Personal Information Secure with Jackrabbit

Securing personal information is important to your customers, making it just as important to you. Here at Jackrabbit, we strive to protect all sensitive information as we take security very seriously. See our Help section on Security and Privacy in Jackrabbit for more detailed information.

What is new?

In the latest enhancement release, we have implemented masking of personal information in a couple of places inside the database. While user permissions can restrict access to information, masking information is just an example of Jackrabbit taking security to the next level!

Staff Information

For payroll needs, you can store your staff member’s Social Security Numbers in Jackrabbit on the staff record. For database users that have permission to see the staff’s Compensation tab (usually owners and managers), the Social Security number is now masked.

Family Billing Information

If you use ePayments with Jackrabbit, most of your families (if not all) have credit cards on file. Once the credit card number is entered by a Jackrabbit user or the contact on the family (via the Parent Portal), it is vaulted as part of PCI compliance. This means you can only see the first digit and the last four digits.

The credit card number is now masked once it is entered, prior to saving the new card on file.

The credit number is still vaulted when the card is saved – nothing changed there! But, if you have heavy traffic in and out of your office, this just ensures that a family’s sensitive information is protected even more.

Jackrabbit treats personal information with great care. We hope you find these updates are in line with our commitment to you!

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