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Patience Wins with Cautious Babies

Unfortunately, all babies are not comfortable in the water. Some are very cautious about everything around them, frightened of new situations or strangers or extremely uncomfortable with water on their faces. This may be true when the parents also have these traits. When parents relax about such things, they transfer calmness to their babies.

In teaching babies, this parental role is important because of the signals that babies pick up from their parents. The more positive and proactive the parents, the more smoothly the babies’ introductions to water will be and the more successful the reinforcement of practice will take place.

When babies are frightened, they can be creatively redicted to comfort through singing songs, playing games and capturing their attention and igniting their vivid imaginations. The positivity of a group class can greatly helps to ease the fears of most children. Placing the focus on what the babies can do. And probably most importantly – be patient with them and allow them to “discover” fun in the water and they will most likely learn to tolerate – and even enjoy – water being poured on their faces.

Don’t rush babies into submersion. Wait until they have relaxed when water is poured on their faces. This may take some time but will be worth the effort – and your child will have a much happier experience in the water.

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