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Offering your customers the convenience of online registration is one of the top reasons businesses use an online software like Jackrabbit. Organizing the classes you offer is another important part of this process. You want to make it really easy for somebody to sign up for a class, right?

Jackrabbit’s class listings are embedded into your own website. What this means is that your customers do not have to leave your website to see what classes you offer. When they are ready to fill out the online registration form, they are then directed to a new page with a Jackrabbit url so the information they fill out will input right into your database. Why should you care about this? You want your customers to be on your website as long as you can keep them there. If you have ‘window shoppers’ who are just looking at your classes, checking out your photos, and reading about your staff, you don’t want them to be clicked off into a new window until they are ready to sign up for a class. The more people on your website, the better with Google.

How do you embed your class listings?
HTML code is what you or your web master will be copying and pasting into the backend of your website . This will create a table and will sync up to Jackrabbit. For example, if you change the tuition for a class or the number of spots in the class goes down, your table on your website will update automatically. Once you get the HTML code on your website, Jackrabbit will handle the updates.

Note: Having the class listings tables displayed directly on your webpage requires your webhost and website editor to support JavaScript capabilities.

Where do you get this code?
In our Help Center, we have step by step instructions for you to follow to get your class listings on your website. This is where you’ll find the HTML code to copy and paste. If you’re setting up your class listings, click on this link.

How can you organize the classes into different tables?
Take a look at Kathy Blake’s School of Dance’s class listings. They organize two different ways – by dance style and by day. These are on two different pages of the website.

These tables are created with a filter to show classes by either day or by style. The style page is filtered with a code by a specific “Category 2.” The day of the week page is filtered with a code by a specific “ClassDays.”

Go to KathyBlakeDanceStudios.com > Schedule > 2016-2017 Class Schedule:



By Dance Style:



By Day of Week:



Here are over 30 other website examples from Jackrabbit customers.

To start working on your own website, our Help Center has step by step instructions for you to take here. You’ll also find ways to hide and show different columns in the Help Center to keep your tables looking clean and organized.


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