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Online Registration Made Even Easier

We’re excited to announce several enhancements that give you some registration capabilities that you’ve been asking for!

These enhancements impact online registration and the portal, so read them carefully to make sure you understand where your new capabilities exist.

Web Registration Enhancements

Enroll students in up to 15 classes!

The web registration form now allows each student to enroll in 15 classes! The first five classes will appear along with an “Add More Classes” button. Clicking this button will open Select Class lines #6-10. Parents can then click the “Add More Classes” button again to open up the remaining Select Class lines #11-15. If your portal is active, a message will display telling the parent to visit your portal to enroll in unlimited classes.

Enroll Student in Events via Online Registration!

You now have the option to allow parents to enroll a student online for Events.

You will notice these changes:

On the Event Type Summary tab we’ve added a “Default Allow Enrollment For” Family or Student option. The default for this is “Family” so that your existing online registration process is not changed by this new capability.

On the Event Date/Time Summary tab we’ve added an “Allow Enrollment For” Family or Student option. Each new Event Date/Times created will default to the Event Type’s “Default Allow Enrollment For” setting, but you can change this per individual Event Date.

Additional tip: If you’d like any existing Events to allow parents to enroll students online, please edit the Event Date/Time to change this setting to “Student”.

Inside Jackrabbit, you will still be able to enroll both Families and Students into an event. The above settings only affect what the parent sees when registering for an event online.

See your Last Day of Enrollment Classes in Web Registration!

Each day, classes with last enrollment dates are displayed in Web Registration so that you and your parents know – at a glance – that the window of opportunity in enrolling in those classes is closing.

This makes Web Registration’s displayed information on the Last Day of Enrollment consistent with the information in the Portal.

Portal Registration Enhancement

It is now easier for your parents to register students for Events through the Portal!

Existing Students are now displayed with a check-box for easy selection when parents want to register them for new sessions using the Portal. Age Filtering is now also available so that you can make sure that only students meeting each Event’s age requirements are allowed to enroll into the Events.

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