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Online Registration Form More Customizable with New Class Settings

Online Registration is the best way to offer your program to new families. The ability to register at their convenience is guaranteed to increase your enrollment numbers. That’s a win-win!

Jackrabbit’s team wanted to make this process even better. With a few new options, you can determine which class settings can be seen by new families when using your Online Registration form.

Class Information on your Registration form

Historically, the Online Web Registration form was a bit different when it came to the class information you could control when compared to the Parent Portal or Class Listings Tables on your website. With new settings in place for the Online Web Registration form, you can be consistent across the board!

When going to Tools > Online Web Registration > Settings in your Jackrabbit database, a designated section allows you to show or hide:

  • Instructor Nickname
  • Class Openings
  • Class Start and End Dates

Here’s a view from the Online Registration form excluding Class Openings, but showing the Instructor Nickname and Class Start and End Dates:

Keeping all online modules consistent will provide the best user experience for your families, new and existing. Make sure your other online modules match by checking out your Parent Portal settings and hiding columns in your Class Listings Tables.

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