The most popular reporting features of 2018 revealed in the 12 Days of Jackrabbit Christmas.

On the 1st Day of Christmas Jackrabbit Gave to Me: The Favorite-ing Opportunity

You may not be able to pick a favorite holiday dish but you can most definitely pick a favorite Jackrabbit report or two.

You can “favorite” the reports that you use often and create “Favorites” within reports so that your preferred reports are even quicker and easier to use!

Why is using Jackrabbit’s Favorites features so great?

Jackrabbit’s reporting suite is the most robust in the industry. With so much power under the hood, you may have been overwhelmed in the past knowing where to start or what would be the most help.The number may have overwhelmed you in the past in trying to figure out which would help you. This feature is so powerful for you and your business that we designed the Favorites features to help you bring the reports you want to use to the forefront for you.

We’re all about helping you raise increase productivity and efficiency, so we put the Jackrabbit’s Favorites features in Reports will also help you and your staff raise the productivity of your office because your Reports will be even easier, even quicker to use.

Here are some links that will give you all the help you need to use Favorites features when using Reports in Jackrabbit:

  •        You can Favorite a Report you use often by hovering next to the report name and clicking the heart
  •        You can create Favorites (Report Criteria Templates) within reports that you run on a regular basis so you can preload the search criteria for a specific report.

A couple of additional tips for getting the most from Jackrabbit Reports:

  •        Check the New Reports section under the Reports menu to find any newly added reports.
  •        Try using the Show/Hide Columns button to display or hide specific columns to make your reports easier to read.

What was that about ‘at least 12 reasons’?

From now until January 5, we’re sharing a report that is one of the most popular among your Jackrabbit Reports super-user peers. Watch the blog, our Facebook business page or the Jackrabbit Facebook Software User Group to see which reports we’re featuring – and learn more about why it could become one of your favorites!

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