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No Change is Good for Summer

In the summer of 2015 Diane Trifiro (Ohio Sports Academy) had great success not changing their schedule for the summer. The organization went from an average monthly enrollment for June, July and August of 491 for 2014 to 665 for 2015 (which equates to an increase of 35%.) The addition of Ninja took place for the organization in March of 2015 – and that accounts for some of the growth for summer of 2015, but even after Ninja enrollment was subtracted out, Diane could still report a growth rate of 30%.

Diane was curious – and anxious – about what was going to happen for the summer of 2016. She didn’t know if last summer’s numbers were just a fluke or if the growth would carry over to this summer.  Once the numbers were tallied, Diane was happy to report that enrollment again grew by an astonishing 16% over the previous summer. The average monthly enrollment grew to 772 for the summer of 2016.

Diane’s inspiration for doing this was Patti Komara who shared her “not changing the schedule for summer” idea in one of her newsletters. After reading Patti’s advice, she went for it and hasn’t looked back! Diane’s organization enjoys the extra income: it has allowed her to purchase new equipment, provide company paid health insurance and hire a permanent floater (just to mention a few of the major things.) And Diane also gets a bonus: she still has the money she set aside for the summer and didn’t need to use tucked safely away in the organization’s savings account!

Please read Patti’s two articles to be inspired!

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