A look at the new ew student detail report.

Jackrabbit’s New Report with a Fresh Look – and More to Come!

With the release of a new report, it is the perfect time to debut part of Jackrabbit’s fresh new look. While we work to add more robust features to the software, you will notice that we are also taking the opportunity to update the look and improve functionality all at once.

“Get ready! Because a new Jackrabbit experience is coming.”

Tracy Egan, Product Director at Jackrabbit Technologies

First, let’s take a look at Jackrabbit’s newest report.

What should you know about the new Student Detail Report?

The Student Detail Report is a great place to get information organized by, but not limited to, the student. While there isn’t a ton of search criteria to select from, the report results themselves are pretty powerful and detailed.

If you have been using Jackrabbit for even just a few months, you will notice the results page of this report is different from what you are used to seeing.

new look - student detail

For the techy folks out there, you may have heard this new result page referred to as a Kendo grid. As our Product Team works through the software piece by piece, you can count on more of these popping up.

For those that aren’t sure what in the world a Kendo grid is, you might be thinking…not my jam.

new look - meme

I am right there with you!

Think of these grids as smart grids. They are dynamic and will help you do a lot more with your data than you ever could before. Check our our short video to get familiar with the power of the new grid feature!


What can you look forward to with a new and improved Jackrabbit interface?

The new grids are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to where Jackrabbit is headed. They are simple, clean, and allow you to have complete control of your data with all of the power at your fingertips.

If you are excited about these smart grids, just wait until you see the next step of this process. A new families page is in design that takes the new look and new functionality even further!

How can you learn more about these exciting changes coming to Jackrabbit?

Join us in Las Vegas for the 2019 BOOST West Conference to hear directly from our Product Director, Tracy Egan. You don’t want to miss the exclusive insight!

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