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How Our New Confirmation Redirect URL Can Help You

If you are interested in better understanding your website traffic and currently use Google Analytics to track the number of people that land on your Web Registration form, we have recently added something that you will love: Confirmation Redirect URL.

We’ve already had several “early adopters” who are loving the fact that they have a tool for seeing how many people land on their Jackrabbit Web Registration form (using Google Analytics) and can now redirect those who submit the Jackrabbit Web Registration form to a new web page as confirmation of their submission.

Rauf Tur of Bear Paddle Gymnastics responded with, “Very awesome!” And from what we’re hearing, that’s a pretty accurate description.

Using the Confirmation Redirect URL

First of all, decide what information you would like your families to see as soon as they submit their Web Registration form. Either find an existing webpage, or create a unique webpage for use as your redirect page. This will be the page that your families land on as confirmation once they hit the “Submit Registration” button on your Web Registration form.

Then go to your Web Reg Form Settings page under the General Settings section and enter your desired website address in the Confirmation Redirect URL as shown below.

How do you track those who submit your Web Registration form? 

Once you’ve entered a Confirmation Redirect URL in the field above, using Google Analytics, you are then able to watch the traffic to your redirect page. Looking at the number of “hits” on the redirect page, you will know how many registrations are coming in directly through your Web Registration form.

Jeff Rorabaugh at Camp Swamp is one of our early adopters. He instituted the Confirmation Redirect URL and has been able to see how much website traffic he is getting from his Web Registration form.

“What I like about it is this: we can see how many registrants submit this form and we can make sure that they go back to our website after doing so. If they stay on our website, they’re more likely to look at pictures, inquire about other services. We can point them back to items we want them to see and that they may need.”

Jeff created a Confirmation Redirect URL page that matches the branding of the pre-arrival email they will get to confirm their registration. He even included a cool hover with the choices they can make on the webpage!

“The pre-arrival information is directly given to them with other links and directions for where they need to go on the site and what they may need to do before getting to Camp Swamp,” said Jeff.

Using the Confirmation Redirect URL in Jackrabbit allows every organization to collect information about Web Registration traffic so that marketing decisions can be made based on accurate information and statistics.

How might you use your new analytics data? 

Rauf shared what Bear Paddle does:

Bear Paddles’ users are being redirected to an informational page (see image below) after they complete their registration in Jackrabbit. They calculate the hits on this page as a successfully completed registration.

Bear Paddle runs several different types of online advertisements and being able to accurately track conversions for each ad is a great benefit to their budgeting process.  By asking their families how they heard about Bear Paddle on the Web Registration form, Bear Paddle is able to use the analytics of submitted registration forms to calculate which advertising methods bring in the most customers. Knowing what is working and what is not working, they can allocate their online advertising budget to the appropriate mediums that work best.

“Before this enhancement, we were just flying blind, and relying on parents to accurately let us know where they heard about us – and we all know that section is most often skipped during registration.”

Here is how it works: 

Google Analytics already tracks how many people land on or view the Web Registration form. This new feature adds the submittal redirect to a unique webpage so traffic that hits the redirect webpage can also be tracked. If you compare the two numbers, you can then calculate your “abandon” rate.

For example – An organization sees that 350 visitors viewed/landed on their Web Registration form and that 250 of them submitted the registration form (based on the views/landings of their redirect page). This shows that 100 of those visitors who saw the Web Registration form did not submit it.

This number can provide you with valuable information about your Web Registration form. If your abandon rate is high, your form may be too complex or overwhelming. Maybe you need to hide a few questions or make finding the perfect class easier. You can also better set expectations for what information your families need on hand to successfully complete their registration before they start.

If your abandon rate is low, you ROCK!

Read more about the Web Reg Settings Page here.

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