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How Do You Maximize Otherwise Lost Moments?

There are some simple things you can do to maximize your time. Entrepreneurs are expert at taking this to a new level and wringing productivity out of moments that many less driven business owners might write off.

Take a peek at what 11 entrepreneurs suggest.

  1. Set a routine and never break it. Patrick Quinlan, CEO, Convercent
  2. Exercise to reach meditative state that will spark new ideas. Neil Grimmer, Founder & CEO, Habit
  3. Get up early enough to have coffee and check email before waking children (Start day feeling proactive) Sara Stein, Founder, Sisters of Los Angeles
  4. Have great WiFi even if you have to bring it with you. Alexis Ohanian, Co-founder Reddit & Initialize Capital
  5. Fake listening to headphones so no one bothers me. Scott Tannen, Co-founder & CEO, Boll & Branch
  6. Block work time to make sure you’re productive at something each day – and you aren’t the bottleneck. Jordana Kier, Co-CEO LOLA
  7. Share a piece of good news across the office every day. Monica Guzman, COO Konnect Agency
  8. Internal meeting rule: those who arrive late buy lunch for the next meeting. John Rubey, CEO, Fathom Events
  9. If you commute, don’t do quick calls and brief emails. Instead use that chunk of potential seclusion for writing a difficult or long email you’ve been putting off. James Hirschfeld, Co-founder & CEO, Paperless Post
  10. Schedule 20-minute walking meetings with your office. Evelyn Rusli, Co-founder, Yumi
  11. Can’t get out? Do sets of exercises between calls and meetings like 20 squats, 20 jumping jacks, etc. Bonus if you break a sweat. Martellus Bennett, Founder, The Imagination Agency

I’d love to know how you maximize your time!

I’d like to ask you a question and your answers can help me with a blog post that could help out your fellow facility owners.

“How do you maximize some of those little snippets of time that other less driven business owners might write off?”

You may call it multi-tasking or just consider it the inability to sit still. Regardless of your name for them, please share with me, some of the ways you “maximize your time.”

You may share by commenting here – or if you’d rather – email to me at newsletter@jackrabbittech.com. Please provide your name and organization. You may even get a little thank you surprise for sharing!

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