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Learn from Others’ Aha Moments

As business owners, Aha Moments are special events of enlightenment that open up unrealized potential for your business. A few of our customers have shared some Aha Moments that we would, in turn, like to share with you.

Establish incremental increases that produce exponential growth.

Buffy Folise, co-owner of Chicago Swim School, had several Aha Moments as she listened to Tony Robbins explain the 10/10/10 plan for increasing business during his Business Mastery workshop.

Buffy shared that the 10/10/10 program is:

  • Increasing # of clients by 10%
  • Increasing average transaction value by 10%
  • Increasing client repurchase by 10%

By focusing on these key areas, you can produce INCREDIBLE results.

Buffy and her partner, Rob, came back to their office with high aspirations for the next year, picking numbers higher than 10% for their goals.

This was a huge Aha Moment for Buffy because of the plan’s simplicity. Think about it. These are relatively small increase percentages but ones that – when executed – have exponential impact. (i.e., 300 client organization would only need to add 30 clients over the course of an entire year to meet the 10% goal)

“We set goals that exceeded Tony’s program plan. While pretty aggressive, these goals were driven by the opening our second location during the 1st quarter of that year. We hoped to capture momentum from that event to continue growth throughout the next year.” Buffy Folise

Implementing changes that make everyone happy.

Julia Lacovitch’s Aha Moment came when 4 Star Gymnastics switched its billing from 8-week sessions to month-to-month. Class revenue almost doubled.

The perception for parents is that they are paying less when they actually are paying more. Enrollment increased as well, since parents are more comfortable committing to a month instead of 8 weeks at a time.

“We chose to make the transition during our lowest enrollment period (Summer) so was smooth and easily managed. When Fall registration came around, parents had the same “paying less” perception and basically expressed only positive comments about the new month-to-month format.” Julia Lacovitch

The “session to month-to-month” change opened Julia’s eyes to a rather simple change that had dual impact in boosting business growth and parental elation.

Create formulaic success that aligns with mission statement.

The importance of sticking to its Mission Statement became abundantly clear to Spindrift School of Performing Arts’ Keira Robalino as she did some historical tracking for the organization. She found that the organization’s level of success over the past 11 years was directly proportional to how closely it aligned hiring, planning and programs with the Mission Statement. She realized that components that work together to inspire the children they serve never fail. In fact, maintaining this focus produced growth that wouldn’t slow down – even when the organization outgrew its space.

Sticking to a Mission Statement can be difficult for organizations like Spindrift. She feels fortunate, that as a non-profit they have always had boards who believed in the Mission Statement and did not try and dictate the focus of the organization. To reduce these distractions, Spindrift tries to build its business sustainability independently of grants. It’s a challenge, but the results are worth the extra effort.

“Sometimes you have to be a buzzkill and opt out of a distraction that some in your organization (or supporting your organization) are passionate about.  We’ve been able to make our success rather formulaic. It has worked for us for more than 20 years.  We add new things slowly and never eradicate successful things.” Keira Robalino

Sharing Aha Moments is a great way to use your own experiences to help your peers! We would be thrilled to hear Aha Moments from others! Email us with yours at


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