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Jackrabbit’s Free Trial Helped Cheer Force One Reach Comfort Zone with New System

Sean Sutton, Co-Owner of Cheer Force One, chose to use Jackrabbit’s free trial in becoming introduced to a new business and class management system for his cheer gym. Sean had previously implemented a management system that didn’t really fit with his needs or with the nuances that are common to cheer gyms. Sean’s old system was not intuitive and didn’t offer online accessibility.

“By implementing first through Jackrabbit’s free trial, we were able to understand the system’s basics before we made the final decision to change and to migrate all of our data to a new system. It was really beneficial and gave us tremendous confidence as we made our decision to change and began our complete system change,” comments Sean.

In addition to using the free trial process, Sean’s staff used Jackrabbit’s online training videos to become familiar with specific aspects of the system. This validated their decision to switch to Jackrabbit and gave them a head start so they could hit the ground running as their data migration to Jackrabbit was completed.

After implementing Jackrabbit, the Cheer Force One staff has realized efficiencies that are incredible to them. Using their previous software, it would take at least 15 minutes just to figure what was going on with a customer account. With Jackrabbit, each account’s key indicators are obvious at a glance.

Cheer Force One has also received overwhelming response from parents. They are thrilled with the portal because it gives them complete account access online. Cheer Force One offers automatic payment features that gives them worry-free, automated options.

Sean adds, “Automated online processes have been game changers from our parents’ perspective.”

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