Jackrabbit Improves Owner’s Understanding of Her Business and How Best to Serve Her Families

Kids Are Tops Sports Center


1 location, 1000-2000 students, 54 instructors

Owner, Debbie Gantz


As a long-time paper user, Debbie was concerned about being able to easily access her family and student information. Even though it was antiquated, her note card system showed her all of the information that one could possibly need about one student. How could a software system do the same thing?


As Debbie went through training on her new system, she saw the tremendous value of Jackrabbit. Online registration and auto-payment deliver innovation to her business that Debbie never imagined having. The time-savings for Debbie and her staff are tremendous. The automation gives them time to interact with customers in meaningful ways that give them more understanding of their situations and needs so they can serve them in ways that fit their lifestyles better. Debbie also has a better understanding of her business because her critical business information is summarized for her in the Executive Dashboard.

Debbie and her staff also gained greater confidence in the safety and security of her information. Jackrabbit’s secure network and hosting services ensure that, regardless of what happens to her computer or her note cards, customer information is protected. There is no way she could be this confident with her note cards.


Jackrabbit gives Kids Are Tops’ owner the innovation she needs to be operationally efficient and focus more energies in understanding more about the health of the business and the needs of families and students.

“Jackrabbit makes us incredibly efficient. I’m not computer savvy but now I see how easy and efficient Jackrabbit is and I can’t believe I ever questioned the value of changing over to a software system.”  — Debbie Gantz, Kids Are Tops Sports Center

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