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Jackrabbit Helps East York Gymnastics Club Offer More Services That Please Clients

Melissa Hawrylyshyn of East York Gymnastics has poked and prodded, tried and tested Jackrabbit software for several years. Her experience has helped her become a software super-user and a software champion.

Melissa is – by far – her organization’s most active user and has experience with more features and functions in Jackrabbit than anyone else there. She is so well-versed in Jackrabbit that she is her organization’s trainer.

“I love Jackrabbit but I will admit that I don’t know everything the software can do. Jackrabbit is an in-depth program which is always a delightful surprise when I introduce the program to our new users. The software does everything that we need it to do but yet I’m still learning new processes that can help us improve our daily management and I continue to be inspired on what we can do next”

Improve Operations

Melissa has seen so much benefit from implementing Jackrabbit that she would implement new features even if it meant changing their business processes.  In fact, they’ve improved operations by doing that before.

“Just because we’ve always done something in a particular manner doesn’t mean it’s the best way. Using Jackrabbit technology has inspired us and opened our eyes to embrace change.  And although change can sometimes be intimidating, it just makes sense!”

Move away from manual processes:

From lines to links. East York had always used a manual registration process. Parents started lining up at 5am on the appointed day and the line would remain constant for 5-6 hours. Online registration was much easier for staff, putting much less stress on them. But it really made a difference for the gym’s parents. They could register on their own schedules – even at midnight in their pjs if they wanted to.

From one-by-one to automation. There is a stark improvement from punching in credit card numbers one by one and watching tuition payments come in through the portal.


Add Value for Families

“Jackrabbit streamlined our registration processes to the point that we were able to improve some our other services. Our administrative staff responsibilities were adjusted to include help with our report carding services – which are very valuable to parents.”

Jackrabbit doesn’t just give the East York staff time to gather report carding information. The software also ensures that students have an accurate skill record which reduces the potential of “repeated skills”.  Additionally, they were able to improve their trials class and waitlist processes which keeps their classes full at all times!  As a result, parents, coaches and students are ecstatic.

Layer on the Features

The software is designed so that it can be implemented in layers. Gyms can implement the features most critical to their operations first and then layer additional features and functions on as their comfort with the software grows.

We put features we needed the most in place first, became proficient in them and then chose the next features to implement. It eliminated any overwhelming feeling that we couldn’t learn it all.”

Get Help Fast

Jackrabbit’s support system is built into the software so that users can simply click the Support Button at the very moment they need help. They can reach out from the page they’re stuck on and have support work with them directly from that point so that the resolution is clear.

“The Support Button really works. At the rare point that we do get stuck, we click and describe our challenge. We’ve never waited more than 20 minutes and our responses are well-thought out and effective. Every support team member we’ve come in contact with has been kind, accurate and welcoming – which is a real comfort if you’re frustrated with something you’re trying to do.”


“Jackrabbit listens and cares about its customers.  The consistent flow of software enhancements that improve function, usability and accuracy gives us confidence that jackrabbit will not only be able to meet our future needs but will help educate and inspire us to grow the club.  It’s also refreshing to note that these enhancements are most often initiated by us – the user – through the use of their SEND IDEA button. It simply feels like we are part of a team not just a customer. Thanks Jackrabbit!!” 

Support to Other Users

Melissa is so well-versed in Jackrabbit that she’s sort of famous.

“I’ve been happy to help new or inexperienced Jackrabbit users and feel very comfortable to encourage gyms to come on board due to the success our club has had with the software.  I love jackrabbit!”

Lifelong Software Choice

Jackrabbit’s program depth allows it to be the software that gyms can start and grow with. As needs increase and change, a gym’s Jackrabbit usage can change with it and help it to reach its potential with more efficiency and effectiveness.

“Jackrabbit is a program that we will never outgrow. We couldn’t be happier. In fact, there have been opportunities presented to us to switch over to other programs.  We didn’t of course, and I know it was the correct decision.  We’re in a much better place with our business because of Jackrabbit.”


We’d like to congratulate the entire team at East York Gymnastics Club, student Megan Roberts and coaches Lawson Hamer & Lisa Cowan on Megan’s position as 1st alternate on the Canadian Women’s Gymnastics Team!

Melissa Hawrylyshyn | East York Gymnastics Club | Toronto, Ontario, CA

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