Jackrabbit Gives EyeLevel Owner Operational Automation and Knowledge to Grow into Franchise Leader

EyeLevel of Basking Ridge, Bridgewater, Hillsborough and Warren


4 locations, 300 students, 15 instructors

Owner, Kunal Mehta


Kunal was in search of a couple of capabilities in a management system for his four learning locations. He wanted a better way to collect fees and enroll students and thought that a system with a dynamic database would made tracking his data simpler and much more accurate.


Kunal had been using Excel spreadsheets to manage his data and so – of course – making the change to a comprehensive online management system was a bit intimidating. However, Kunal knew the benefits for making the change and a little change anxiety wasn’t a deterrent. Automation in key areas is what Kunal was expecting and Jackrabbit delivered it, greatly simplifying both his enrollment and payment processing.

The bonus for Kunal as owner was the database and dashboard. The knowledge that he now has of his four locations is presented clearly and accurately in his dashboard – giving him all key performance indicators for his businesses. Reports in Jackrabbit provide specific data about the areas in each location that can change daily – such as enrollment, attendance, payment status. Kunal’s new quality of data enabled him to improve decision making and to lead his four locations to earn the spot as the leading franchises among all EyeLevel franchises.


Jackrabbit gives owners in multi-location situations access to powerful reports that can help in decision making and automated tools that make running multiple locations less complex and time-consuming.

“Jackrabbit makes a tremendous difference in the way we operate and the way I make decisions by eliminating manual tasks with automation and opening up my data to me.”  — Kunal Mehta, EyeLevel Bridgewater

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