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Increase Your Value to Parents Without Impact to Your Staff

How can you provide more to your customers when your staff is already as busy as can be?

Here is what you know for sure:

  • Every year your operating costs go up for providing the same services to your families.
  • Every year you worry about how you can differentiate yourself from other options around you.
  • Every year your staff has additional work, additional responsibilities – just to serve your existing customers.
  • Every year you wonder how you can afford – and find the time – to grow.

You can make this the last year that you have these worries. That is assuming that you have Jackrabbit.

Jackrabbit helps existing staff do more so you can grow and expand services.

Jackrabbit automates tasks that are real time sucks like enrollment, monthly tuition payments, tracking employee hours, and taking roll. These, however, are services that are either transparent to your families (tracking employee hours and taking roll) or things that are necessary services that parents expect to have done for them.

Jackrabbit also frees staff up for the simplest things, too, like:

  • Greeting students and parents when they come into your facility.
  • Having real conversations with families and employees so that you know more about them.
  • Learning more about what your competitors are doing.

If you always have your face in front of your computer, you can’t do these things – and more.

You surely wouldn’t have the time to figure out and do the “extra” things that will elate your families and add value to their experience with your gym. “Extras” help you to nurture the relationships with families and build loyalty to your organization. The “extras” are things that set you apart. But these activities could take staff inordinate amounts of time – unless you leverage technology to help!

That’s where Jackrabbit helps you add value for your families.

There are several ways Jackrabbit makes a difference here. Jackrabbit has several reports that make it easy for you and your staff to make the experience in your organization special for your families. Know details like:

  • When to recognize special life events like birthdays.
  • Who your most loyal families are and who is brand new.

Melissa Hawrylyshyn of East York Gymnastics found a value-add for her organization’s parents that they love: report cards.

This is something that her leanly-operating staff just never had time to do before Jackrabbit. The administrative activities necessary to do their basic operational processes soaked up all of their time.

  • They knew parents wanted this information.
  • They knew that it would set them apart from the gym down the street.
  • They knew that it took them hours to aggregate all of the details by hand or with Excel spreadsheets.

After implementing Jackrabbit, their manual time-consuming processes – even ones as important as collecting tuition – could be done in mere minutes instead of hours because of automation! East York probably could have run daily operations with fewer people. But instead, East York made the conscious decision to expand the services they provide with the time Jackrabbit saves them.

Report carding very valuable to parents. They pour over the information and appreciate the fact that their child’s gym makes special effort to provide it to them. This valuable service doesn’t take a tremendous amount of time now. In fact, with Jackrabbit the details are not only possible to aggregate but are quick and easy to turn into report cards and deliver.

Since implementing Jackrabbit and learning more about the ways it can help them, Melissa and her staff do much more with the same size staff than they ever thought possible. After all, prior to Jackrabbit, they didn’t have the staff or time to take on new initiatives.

This is a perfect example of the added value that Jackrabbit can help you to provide to families.

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