What Do You Do With the Time You Save?

What do some people do with the time saved using Jackrabbit? Seems like some people have time for foot massages! After scoring Jackrabbit a 9 in a recent customer satisfaction survey, Haley Clark, owner of WaterSprites Swim School provides this answer to the question ‘How can we get a 10?’: “No one has flown out and given me a foot massage yet. Fly out and give me a foot massage.” This is, by far, the most original and amazing answer to this question that we have received to-date!

Clever Way To Capture Waivers Online For Birthday Parties

Setting up Events in Jackrabbit to organize your birthday parties is a powerful tool. With the Events module, you can capture the family’s information, payment, party details and information about those attending each birthday party all in one place. If you haven’t used Events for birthday parties before, click here for more information. But wait, there’s more! You can also use this to capture waivers before families come to the birthday party! No more chasing parents around for signatures during party time! Ohio Sports Academy has organized their upcoming birthday parties on a special page on their website. Parents of children attending the birthday party come here before the party to register their children and sign the waiver online.   […]

Jackrabbit Helps East York Gymnastics Club Offer More Services That Please Clients

Melissa Hawrylyshyn of East York Gymnastics has poked and prodded, tried and tested Jackrabbit software for several years. Her experience has helped her become a software super-user and a software champion. Melissa is – by far – her organization’s most active user and has experience with more features and functions in Jackrabbit than anyone else there. She is so well-versed in Jackrabbit that she is her organization’s trainer. “I love Jackrabbit but I will admit that I don’t know everything the software can do. Jackrabbit is an in-depth program which is always a delightful surprise when I introduce the program to our new users. The software does everything that we need it to do but yet I’m still learning new […]

Jackrabbit Allows Owner to Grow without Significantly Increasing Staff

Coker Music   www.cokermusic.com 2 locations, 147 students, 4 teachers Owner, Matt Coker THE CHALLENGE Security and reliability had become a priority for Matt since he had experienced a hard drive crash. He also wanted to find a solution that would allow him to leverage processes and automation to help him organize and grow his business in ways that his paper and spreadsheet based systems would never support. THE SOLUTION Matt’s Jackrabbit system gives him a new level of comfort in operating his business. The web-based aspect of Jackrabbit appealed to him since it would eliminate any worries he had about his data’s safety. The QuickBooks integration is easy and straightforward, giving him confidence in the accuracy of his accounting tasks. […]

Reporting Is Critical to Making Waves Swim School’s Daily Processes

Making Waves Swim School uses Jackrabbit reporting for accomplishing daily tasks and in continuously raising the level of customer service they provide to their families. “One of my favorite traits of Jackrabbit’s reports is that they can be exported into Excel for further comparison and manipulation.” Carrie Mendlow Whether it’s simply to sort the data in a unique way or to insert additional data before producing a final report for use, Making Waves leverages the flexibility of Jackrabbit’s reporting to use their data in a wide variety of ways.  Many reports help Making Waves to stay organized and serve as a way to find out many things they need to know about their school. Several of the reports that Carrie […]

Reports Gives Jump Gymnastics the Operational Metrics to Pursue Excellence

Sara is Jump Gymnastics’ Jackrabbit super user. She’s well-versed in Excel all of its magic as she is a financial and accounting specialist. We talked to Sara recently and learned a lot about what reports she uses and why. Sara doesn’t simply pull and read reports. She uses pivot tables in Excel to get the most from the data in the reports. She can compile, compare and track data in many ways that help decision making across the business. Enrollment Detail Report From this report, Sara can learn a lot about what is going on in enrollment, retention, cash flow, class popularity and profitability, session and class break even points, life cycle of customers, and alue of each customer. This […]

Mobile Inventor’s Impeccable Professionalism Earned Gymfinity’s Respect

J Orkowski of Gymfinity talks about working with Mobile Inventor. If anyone understands the value of having a mobile app, it must be J. He went through quite a lot to develop not one, but two of them. J’s Mobile App History J had developed an app that was working well. He had marketed it and had an impressive percentage of his gym’s parents using it. Then came the call. His mobile app company was dissolving and wouldn’t support the app anymore. That meant that his happy parents would no longer be able to use to the app from their smartphones. J called Mobile Inventor and has never looked back. Mobile Inventor did something that totally took J by surprise […]

Articulating Purpose was Key to Little Otter’s Mobile App Success

John Kirk of Little Otter Swim School describes his experience with Mobile Inventor. From initial brainstorming to final sign-off, John found Mobile Inventor responsive to their ideas and knowledgeable about how to deliver what they wanted. Purpose Drives Features Articulating the purpose of their app was critical for Little Otter. Mobile Inventor helped them brainstorm and work through their thoughts on this. Mobile Inventor brought great understanding of how people find and use mobile apps. Why they download them and generally what they are looking for in them. Little Otter added to this their knowledge of what their customers need from them, and before long, the team had a powerful plan mocked up. “Mobile Inventor helped us understand that it […]

Mobile App Gives Barron Gymnastics Competitive Advantage and the Stats to Prove It

Scott Barron of Barron Gymnastics expresses his delight with Mobile Inventor app. Simplicity of mobile app gives parents the features they need and convenience they demand. Guiding the Process The results that Barron Gymnastics has seen from its mobile app reflect the careful thought and planning set in motion in the initial meetings that Scott had with the Mobile Inventor team.  Mobile Inventor helped Scott to work his goals for the app into the most simple and user friendly design. Mobile Inventor’s guidance helps to ensure that apps meet customer expectations and operate efficiently and effectively.   Barron Gymnastics’ mobile app has: Elevated the convenience level of doing business with their gym. Supported their place as a leader in innovation. […]

Integrated Solution Puts Critical Process in Hands of Payroll Experts

Mike McKamy of Little Waves Swim School talks about the benefits of using ExpressPayroll and Jackrabbit’s Time Clock. Using Express Payroll integrated with Jackrabbit delivers value to your business by. .. Making the employee time management and payroll process accurate, timely and worry-free. Eliminating risk of making errors in state and federal tax compliance. Ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of withholding tax payments. Maintaining records and providing reports that help you through audits. “Why would a gym NOT use Time Clock and ExpressPayroll? This is a no-brainer because it allows you to have a payroll system integrated into your management software without getting another system.” Ensuring Thoroughness and Accuracy Employee Time Management and Payroll involve pains-taking details, critical processes and […]