Increase revenue with Jackrabbit Class

How over 17,000 users are increasing their revenue with Jackrabbit Class

Opening a youth activity center is no small feat. And once you’ve got your facility open with classes in session, the work doesn’t stop. Fees have to be posted, payments have to be processed, emails need to be sent, attendance needs to be taken, makeups need to be scheduled, payroll needs to be processed, schedules need to be created – you see where we’re going here.

To ensure your swim school, gym, or dance studio is profitable and running efficiently, it’s essential to have class management software that can make your day-to-day tasks easy to manage for you and your team. That’s where Jackrabbit Class comes in!

Follow along to see how 17,000 of our users boosted their revenue by bolstering four areas of Jackrabbit to their maximum potential.

Market your program to prospective customers

One of the most important ways to increase your revenue is to promote your business to new families. Yes, you want your students to come back year after year but you also want to find new students and introduce them to everything your youth activity center has to offer. Your marketing strategy doesn’t have to be complicated but it does have to exist and be executed.

First and foremost, your website is your first impression. Before parents are walking in the front door, they’re checking you out through a quick Google search. Jackrabbit Class makes sure your website and additional marketing efforts are covered by allowing you to:

  • Offer new customers 24/7 access to online registration through your website with class listing tables (an at-a-glance schedule of your classes)
  • Add your registration form as a call-to-action button or link
  • Have your own custom-branded mobile app in the Apple and Google Play stores available for prospects to download and register
  • Connect with students who have shown interest in your program through the Lead File by sending promotional emails for new sessions opening, an open house save the date, and special workshops or events.

From first impressions to gaining a new student, we’ve got you covered through the process!

Create a positive parent experience

We’ve said it before and it still stands – happy parents = a happy you! Creating a pleasant parent experience for your customers is top of mind when finding the right class management software and leads to some of your decisions when implementing new features. Introducing: Jackrabbit’s Parent Portal.

Jackrabbit users agree that the Parent Portal was designed with their customers in mind. With the perfect balance of what information you want them to have access to from their accounts, classes open to enrollment, and deciding what actions they can take on their own like scheduling future absences and makeups. The goal of the portal is to empower parents to do what they can without needing to call or email the front office but within the parameters you set. (—> Check out the Parent Portal Guide and download our infographic now)

Jackrabbit Plus, our bundled subscription model, comes with a branded mobile app that has a few extra bells and whistles that improve the parent experience even more. Think sending push notifications, reloading punch passes, and selling gift cards all through one place!

Use smart tech that integrates with other systems

Finding software that has everything can be quite a challenge but finding software that integrates with other systems you need is just as powerful, if not more. Here at Jackrabbit, we know that integrations are important and that’s why we’ve got an entire ecosystem of platforms that enables our users to connect with the best business partners in the industry.

From payroll and QuickBooks to streaming classes and a mobile app, Jackrabbit’s integrations give users access to the functionality they need to be more productive, efficient and professional.

Here’s what some of our clients had to say about the integrations we offer:

“Switching to Express Payroll is one of the best decisions we ever made. We tried ADP and Paychex and hands down the customer service is so great with Sean Dever and his team.” – Leighann, owner of North Jersey Aquatic Club

“I love my Spot TV. Parents seem to appreciate the service. Also gives me great peace of mind when I’m not on-site and I can use the videos for staff training etc.” – Karissa, owner of Spectra Gymnastics

“When a prospective parent calls us, I tell them I’m texting them a direct link to our mobile app (which I have ready in Notes) and explain that they’ll be able to enroll at their convenience. They get it within seconds. It takes them right to the Parent Portal and now I have direct access to send them push notifications.” – Kate, owner of Rainbow Gymnastics and Cheer Center

Check out Jackrabbit’s integration partners

Accept and process online payments

Getting paid is likely #1 on your priority list, as it should be! In 2022, it’s vital to your business to accept online payments, also known as ePayments. The easier you make it for parents to pay their bills, the faster you will collect revenue and decrease the number of accounts you have to chase down for non-payment.

What we heart at Jackrabbit is users prefer to choose between two of our ePayment providers giving them the opportunity to choose who they want to partner with. Both partners offer Meet or Beat Pricing and will help you find the best rate available to you and your swim school, dance studio, and gym.

Even better, with Jackrabbit’s automated ePayment processing, you skip the manual processing and auto-draft all of your families on the same day every month. (—>Learn more about automating payments)

Running a business is hard work but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult to manage. Discover why over 17,000 users choose Jackrabbit Class to manage day-to-day business and increase revenue. The best way to see the benefits is to test it out. Start your trial today, no fees attached!

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