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How Do You Save Lost Dollars in Time Card Errors?

Easy answer: A feature called Time Clock that Jackrabbit offers to users of its system – for free.

Mistakes Cost You! A 4 minute error each day on an employee’s time card could cost you thousands of dollars! Look at what that means – even if you have a few employees. If you’re a large facility with 25x employees, the lost money can be huge!


The cost savings may be interesting, but maybe it’s functionality that really intrigues you.

Unlimited Time Clock enables you to:

  • Provide an online time clock for staff to record their time (both at your facility and remotely)
  • Create departments as “buckets” for staff hours
  • Track and record time entry per location and department
  • Record hour type (regular, overtime, holiday, sick, vacation, PTO)
  • Supports multiple staff pay rates
  • Approve time entries, at either individual or department level
  • Add time buffer to scheduled class hours to identify overages between actual hours and scheduled class hours
  • Export total hour information to the Express Payroll system
  • Estimate gross wages



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