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Gym Owner’s Guide to Boys and Girls Gymnastics Clothing

As the gym owner, you know how heavily parents rely on you for guidance. Fielding questions on girls and boys gymnastic clothing are just part of your experience. Here’s an overview of contemporary gymnastic clothing options for girls and boys. It’s followed by some suggestions on how you can use gymnastic clothing sales, both practice and competition uniforms, as a revenue and marketing opportunity for your gym.

Basics of girls and boys gymnastic clothing

While parents supply their children gymnastic clothing, your gym may want to sell practice clothing in addition to your competition uniforms. At the very least, you want to provide parents with a list of gymnastic clothing options that work for different apparatus.

Girls’ gymnastic clothing: Girls can easily practice in either leotards or short and tank pairs. Manufacturers are offering more cuts and lengths in gymnastic shorts and tops to appeal to kids’ natural interest in showing some personality. “Biketards” are becoming more popular, which are one-piece outfits with the bottoms cut like shorts instead of the high cut legs on a leotard.

Boys’ gymnastic clothing: Like the girls, boys can easily practice in any variety of gymnastic shorts and tops. If they have to compete in full-length leotard or leotard + pants combination, you might want to have them practice, at least some of the time, in singlets or leotards, so they get used to executing skills in the one-piece items.

Unisex gymnastic apparel: Don’t overlook warm-up apparel. Boys and girls both need jackets and pants to slip on over their practice and competition uniforms. While not clothing specifically, all your students will need multiple gymnastic grips. It’s also helpful to provide guidance on what sort of shoe wear they should have as they walk around the gym and at a competition. Slip-on shoes that breathe are best, e.g., Capezio’s Agility Gym Shoe.

Selling branded gymnastics clothing and gear

If you want to build another revenue stream for your gym, selling practice clothes and gear is a high-value option. You have a ready market in parents who would appreciate the convenience of buying needed items without having to run more errands. Jackrabbit makes inventory management and point-of-sale services easy, so offering gymnastic clothes, bags and grips is easier to manage than you think.

You can also sell branded practice gymnastic clothes. Gymnastic clothing sites like Destira and GTM Sportswear will give you practice and competition uniforms at wholesale prices. Snowflake Designs has a good selection of boys gymnastic clothes, which not all sites offer. Many of the gymnastic wear online sellers can use your designs to provide you with clothes branded with the team name or your gym’s logo.

When it comes to selling branded merchandise, you don’t need to stop with gymnastic clothes. There’s a literal goldmine of online services and digital technology that allows gym owners like you to create branded designs for practice shorts and t-shirts, bumper stickers, bags, hats, calendars, …pretty much anything. Often without having to spend money on inventory before you sell it! E-commerce sites like Merchify and Spreadshop use designs you provide but only produce the items on-demand as they get purchased. You can keep some limited inventory onsite at your gym or bring to meets. However, you can save cash flow and space by letting most people buy online. The merchandising tools in Jackrabbit will help you promote items to parents.

Making gymnastic clothes work for your gym

Your kids need to have practice wear and competition uniforms. There’s no reason you can’t provide parents with more than just advice on what girls and boys gymnastics clothes to buy. New practice clothes are always needed. Kids love wearing hats and t-shirts and carrying a gym bag, which lets people know they’re part of a team. Selling gymnastic clothes at your gym will only increase the lifetime value of every student you enroll. Of course, kids and parents walking around in t-shirts with your gym brand is also great marketing for you.

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