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Going Green for St. Patty’s Day

Green is the color of the season, there’s no doubt about it!

How will you decorate your business for the holiday? How will you implement green strategies into your business?

There are a lot of easy options to reduce the size of your company’s footprint on the Earth. For now, we’ll share with you a few great tips for turning your business green for St. Patrick’s Day!

1. Make homemade decorations

Save money and waste with homemade decorations! Use some scrap paper you have laying around taking up space in your house.

2. Get creative with nature’s green

How can you use nature for decorating? Take a look around at all of the green – grass, leaves, moss, etc. Of course — 4 leaf clovers! Don’t forget those! Put your creative hat and think of ways to incorporate these. [Or, check out this article with some ideas.]

3. Reuse your decorations

Instead of buying paper plates, why not get a plastic set that you can reuse? Get a neutral color plate so it can be used for different holidays. Make food or snacks with the color of the holiday instead.

What about a jar full of green candies? Your students guess how many pieces are in and the winner gets a prize. You can reuse the jar for all kinds of things!

How will you use green in your business for St. Patty’s Day?

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