Everest Gymnastics shares their client success story.

Families and Staff at Everest Gymnastics Love Jackrabbit Class

Everest Gymnastics loves getting better at what they do. They’re known for the high level of gymnastics training and instruction that they provide in helping young gymnasts become better gymnasts. In fact, owners (and elite gymnasts themselves) Qi Han and Yiwen Chen, named the gym for the highest mountain in the world to illustrate the core value of reaching for great heights that their program represents. Isn’t it awesome that this desire parallels Jackrabbit’s commitment to constant improvement to its powerful class management cloud software! 

Getting better at running the business

Office manager, Laurie Heney knows that getting better must include Everest’s business processes. The features Jackrabbit class management cloud software offers are designed to help owners, managers and instructors get better at what they do. Jackrabbit helps Everest staff to lock into best practices and efficient features to make improvements that impact both locations of the business. 

“Jackrabbit’s software has lots of built-in conveniences that make running the business – especially 2 locations – not only easier but better. By better I mean that we provide parents with more accurate information that is available at their fingertips.” 

When Everest opened their second location, there was minimal impact to the way they use Jackrabbit. They weren’t required to bear the expense or complexity that 2 databases require. Everything is organized together, yet can be separated into preferred categories – including locations. It’s easy to get the data – like financial, class, student and family – necessary to make smart business decisions from the database    

“The single database makes pulling reports that our owners need really easy. I can give them total enrollment and revenue, for example, as well as those totals broken down by locations. I can really slice and dice our information anyway I’d like in Jackrabbit’s reports.”  

Getting better at doing business

Jackrabbit improves the way Everest does business by leveraging the cloud to provide their entire organization and the gym’s parents access to features and details when they need or want them. 

Better for Everest’s parents

Because the features parents need are built for convenience, the activities they need to take care of are accessible to them anytime and on any device that is connected to the internet. 

“Jackrabbit is life-changing for parents who were frustrated with long registration lines and remembering to bring/mail payment for their accounts.” 

It was transformational for Everest because of tuition collection for example. Before Jackrabbit, collecting payments meant hoping parents remembered their checkbooks on the first of the month.

Using e-payments, parents can set up their payment methods and forget about it. The software makes sure that Everest gets paid on the date they select. 

Better for Everest’s owners and staff

Jackrabbit eliminates many of the manual processes that consumed huge amounts of staff time.  

Manual processes overwhelmed everyone. Getting better at doing business means changing this. Using the cloud and secure software to make time-consuming tasks self-serve conveniences for parents or trigger tuition collection with a click of a button gives hours and hours back to staff and owners so they can be engaged with families.

Getting better is a goal that Everest and Jackrabbit share

Qi Han and Yiwen Chen put the software to work for their gym that opened up their opportunities to work on their business more than in their business and to think about growth strategies – like opening a second location. 

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